Nightmare Orchestra is a Booster Pack made by The Criator



From the world of darkness, an orchestra plays a music of nightmares.



Set number English Name Rarity Category
NIOR-EN-001 Mercadian of Shadows Common Normal Monster
NIOR-EN-002 Child in the Dark Orchestra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-003 Clean Cube Common Effect Monster
NIOR_EN-004 Clean Phantom Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-005 Clean Rage Golem Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-006 Clear Crsytal Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-007 Clear Hateful Alligator Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-008 Clear Raven Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-009 Clear Wizard Super Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-010 Creator's Divinity of Chaos: Reaper Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-011 Heir of Clear Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-012 Dragon King of Clear World Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-013 Madam in the Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-014 Mercadian of Black Market Common Synchro Monster
NIOR-EN-015 Criator, The Dark Mage Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-016 Infinight Maid - Beaver Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-017 Infinight Lady - Gray Wolf Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-018 Nighterror Dragon King Super Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-019 Nighterror Envy Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-020 Nighterror Lechery Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-021 Nighterror Sloth Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-022 Nighterror Gluttony Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-023 Nighterror Wrath Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-024 Nighterror Greed Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-025 Nighterror Pride Ghost Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-026 Nighterror Reaper Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-027 Nightmare Super Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-028 Sir in the Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-029 The Baton of the Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-030 The Cymbal of Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-031 The Fiend of Dark Orchestra Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-032 The Flute Player of the Dark Orchestra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-033 The Maestro of Dark Orchestra Ultra Rare Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-034 Infinight Host - Polar Bear Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-035 The Phantom of the Dark Theater Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-036 The Pianist of Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-037 Infinight Daughter - Little Bear Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-038 The Triangle of Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-039 The Triplets of Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-040 The Tuba of the Dark Orchestra Common Effect Monster
NIOR-EN-041 Creator's Divinity of Chaos: Anger Rare Ritual Monster
NIOR-EN-042 Creator's Divinity of Chaos: Stupid Rare Ritual Monster
NIOR-EN-043 Creator's Divinity of Chaos: Mad Scientist Super Rare Fusion Monster
NIOR-EN-044 The Brothers of Dark Orchestra Common Xyz Monster
NIOR-EN-045 The Harpist of Dark Orchestra Super Rare Xyz Monster
NIOR-EN-046 The Trio of the Dark Orchestra Rare Xyz Monster
NIOR-EN-047 The Violist of Dark Orchestra Super Rare Link Monster
NIOR-EN-048 Chaos Divinity Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
NIOR-EN-049 Clear Charity Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-050 Clear Temple Rare Continuous Spell Card
NIOR-EN-051 Creator's Divinity Fusion Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-052 Creator's Divinity Underworld Portal Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-053 Dark Music Advanced Art Common Quick-Play Spell Card
NIOR-EN-054 Dark Music Attack Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-055 Dark Orchestral Music: Fiemagia Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
NIOR-EN-056 Dark Orchestral Music: First Song Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-057 Dark Orchestral Music: Last Song Rare Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-058 Guiding the Orchestra Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-059 Nighterror Crimson Town Rare Field Spell Card
NIOR-EN-060 Piano Solo Common Quick-Play Spell Card
NIOR-EN-061 Nighterror Accidental Creation Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-062 The Attribute Bomb Common Equip Spell Card
NIOR-EN-063 The Attribute Mastery Common Equip Spell Card
NIOR-EN-064 The Dark Orchestra Concert Hall Super Rare Field Spell Card
NIOR-EN-065 The Dark Orchestra Theater Super Rare Field Spell Card
NIOR-EN-066 The End of Dark Orchestra Common Continuous Spell Card
NIOR-EN-067 Violin Solo Common Normal Spell Card
NIOR-EN-068 Clear Counter Common Counter Trap Card
NIOR-EN-069 Neo Attribute Chameleon Rare Continuous Trap Card
NIOR-EN-070 Nighterror Chaotic Madness Rare [1]Continuous Trap Card
NIOR-EN-071 Nighterror Dark Blood Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-072 Nighterror Cursed Book Common [2]Continuous Trap Card
NIOR-EN-073 Nighterror Terror Chains Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-074 Nighterror Nightmare Diary Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-075 Nighterror Haunted Mansion Rare Continuous Trap Card
NIOR-EN-076 The Guest of Dark Orchestra Common Quick-Play Spell Card
NIOR-EN-077 Nighterror Malicious Eyes Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-078 Nighterror Virus Common Continuous Trap Card
NIOR-EN-079 The Epic Battle of Dark Orchestra Common Normal Trap Card
NIOR-EN-080 The Nihilistic Summoning Technique Rare Continuous Trap Card
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