Norman Brody
Appear in
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Number Hunter
Dueling Details
Deck Copy Clone
Primary Number Card Number 39.5: Copy Slime

Norman Brody is a character in a future Numbershot of Rocket Knight 777.


Norman for the most part wears the regular uniform that is worn by the boys at the school he and Yuma attend. He has short, curly, red hair, freckles, and brown eyes. He mostly wears glasses with thick, black rims, but at times he does wear contacts. In terms of dueling, Norman is ambidextrous often switching with side he wears his D-Pad between duels.


Norman is even more average than the average student, and almost twice as shy. Not much about him or the things he does stand out in a crowd, and on top of that, he is incredibly shy. Seeing all of the attention the Yuma gets from his duels makes him wish to be like him, which was what formed his Number card. The effects of his "new card" caused Norman to start acting like Yuma, to the point where he was even copying him step for step, move for move. Fed up with the constant mimicry, Yuma challenged him to a duel to get him to stop if he won. After Yuma bet him in a close match, Norman gain a large boost of confidence and a great set of friends.


Norman's deck consists mostly of Monster cards that can treat themselves as other Monsters (i.e. One-Eyed Skill Gainer and Phantom of Chaos), and Spell and Traps that perform similarly (i.e. Cloning, Copy Knight, and Xyz Plant). In Norman's first duel, he also had alot of cards that Yuma used in his deck, but once he started to gain his own identity, he removed some of them to moke room for other cards.

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