The age of unlimited power is dawning. From almighty Power Generator monsters, who win the duel, to Nuclear Slop Monsters used to Infect the Field. Use these mutants to conquer the world. Wha Ha Ha Ha Haaaa! This Booster pack is the first of many. Attack, Nuclear Strike-Reborn, Advance Nuclear Comedy- Toons Step Forward!


Helpers: Fishybuz

Nuclear Strike-Reborn
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack

Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
NUSR-EN000 Nuclear Slop Secret Rare Monster
NUSR-EN001 Nuclear Slop LV1 Common Monster
NUSR-EN002 Nuclear Slop LV5 Common Monster
NUSR-EN003 Nuclear Slop LV8 Common Monster
NUSR-EN004 Nuclear Slop LV10 Rare Monster
NUSR-EN005 Nuclear Slop LV12 Super Rare Monster
NUSR-EN006 Baby Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN007 Nuclear Slop Physician Common Monster
NUSR-EN008 Nuclear Slop Divine Ultra Rare Monster
NUSR-EN009 Nuclear Slop Planetarium Common Monster
NUSR-EN010 Nuclear Slop Miner Common Monster
NUSR-EN011 Nuclear Slop Power Plant Worker Common Monster
NUSR-EN012 Nuclear Slop Combiner Rare Monster
NUSR-EN013 Nuclear Slop Army Patrol Common Monster
NUSR-EN014 Nuclear Slop Warlord Common Monster
NUSR-EN015 Nuclear Slop Direct Attacker Rare Monster
NUSR-EN016 Nuclear Slop Power Transferer Ultra Rare Monster
NUSR-EN017 Noble Nuclear Slop Common Monster
NUSR-EN018 Nuclear Slop Crying Out Loud Common Monster
NUSR-EN019 Nuclear Slop Swarmer Common Monster
NUSR-EN020 Power Generator 1- Revealer Common Monster
NUSR-EN021 Power Generator 2- Formater Rare Monster
NUSR-EN022 Power Generator 3- Creator Rare Monster
NUSR-EN023 LV Equipper- Apocolypse Bringer Common Monster
NUSR-EN024 LV Equipper- Major Death Common Monster
NUSR-EN025 LV Equipper- Master Doom Common Monster
NUSR-EN026 LV Equipper- Armageddon King Common Monster
NUSR-EN027 Ultimate Nuclear Slop Ultimate Rare Monster
NUSR-EN028 Nuclear Slop- Reborn Ghost Rare Monster
NUSR-EN029 Nuclear Slop Beast- Sloppest Rare Monster
NUSR-EN030 Radios- Demon God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN031 Nuclos- Evil God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN032 Cintrol RD- Maniac God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN033 Exploson- Banished God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN034 McFission- Foreign God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN035 Fusioneir- Malicious God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN036 Powwa- Crazed God of the Nuclear Slop Rare Monster
NUSR-EN037 The Ancient God- Nuclear Power Plant- Possesed Ghost Rare Monster
NUSR-EN038 Nuclear Slop- Tuner Combining Rare Monster
NUSR-EN039 Fusion Blade- Coated Common Monster
NUSR-EN040 Nuclear Slop Power Taker Rare Monster
NUSR-EN041 Nuclear Slop- Warhead Cannon Common Monster
NUSR-EN042 Nuclear Slop- Targeting Strike Common Monster
NUSR-EN043 Nuclear Slop- Dead Dude Rare Monster
NUSR-EN044 Coating the Dead Common Spell
NUSR-EN045 Nuclearamization Super Rare Spell
NUSR-EN046 Nuclear Dummy Ultra Rare Spell
NUSR-EN047 Nuclear Rattle Common Spell
NUSR-EN048 Nuclear Teddy Common Spell
NUSR-EN049 Bio-Chemical Suit Common Spell
NUSR-EN050 HazChem Warning Siren Common Spell
NUSR-EN051 Radioactive Hazard Protection Super Rare Spell
NUSR-EN052 The Sun-Nuclearfied Common Spell
NUSR-EN053 The Moon-Nuclearfied Common Spell
NUSR-EN054 Planet Earth-Nuclearfied Common Spell
NUSR-EN055 Space Nuclearfier Common Spell
NUSR-EN056 Nuclear Powered Rocket Ultra Rare Spell
NUSR-EN057 Standing Circle- Gateway to the Ancient World Common Spell
NUSR-EN058 Offer of Greed Secret Rare Spell
NUSR-EN059 Sloppy Offer of Greed Secret Rare Spell
NUSR-EN060 Fusion Confusion Common Spell
NUSR-EN061 Sloppy Swirl Common Spell
NUSR-EN062 Radiation Control Tower Common Spell
NUSR-EN063 Nuclear Power Plant Common Spell
NUSR-EN064 Exploding Reactor Common Spell
NUSR-EN065 Fission Chamber Common Spell
NUSR-EN066 Fusion Chamber Common Spell
NUSR-EN067 Sloppy Mirror Force Common Trap
NUSR-EN068 Slop Conversion Super Rare Trap
NUSR-EN069 Numbing Slop Ultra Rare Trap
NUSR-EN070 Barrier of Slop Common Trap
NUSR-EN071 Vengeful Slop Spirit Common Trap
NUSR-EN072 Sloppy Mess Super Rare Trap
NUSR-PROMO Toon Nuclear Slop Secret Rare Monster
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