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Number 900: Numeron Planet
Attribute EARTH EARTH.png
Type(s) [ Immortal/Xyz/Effect ]
Rank 1 18px-RankStar.svg.png
ATK / DEF 0 / 0
5 Level 1 monsters

During your Main Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and Tribute 1 "Numeron" Xyz Monster you control; Special Summon 1 "Number" Xyz Monster that is not a "Numeron" monster from your Side Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon.) You can only activate this effect of a "Number 900: Numeron Planet" once per turn. Any monster Special Summoned by this card's effect is treated as a "Numeron" monster while on the field. While you control another "Numeron" Xyz Monster, this face-up card on the field cannot be targeted by attacks or card effects. When this card leaves the field; banish all Xyz Monsters that were Special Summoned by this card's effect. You can only control 1 "Number 900: Numeron Planet".