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Number D32: Shark Drake Abyss
Attribute DARK DARK.png
Type(s) [ Sea Serpent/Xyz/Effect ]
Rank 4 18px-RankStar.svg.png18px-RankStar.svg.png18px-RankStar.svg.png18px-RankStar.svg.png
ATK / DEF 2900 / 2200
4 Level 4 DARK monsters

You can also Xyz Summon this card by using "Number 32: Shark Drake" as an Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster become Xyz Materials on this card.) Once per turn: You can target 3 cards in your graveyard; this card gains those targets' effects. If this card would be destroyed: Pay 100 Life Points instead. During either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and banish 1 DARK monster from your graveyard, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; that target loses 300 for each DARK monster in your graveyard. None of these effects can be negated. You must have 1000 Life Points or less to activate and to resolve any of this card's effects.

Sets Force of Shadows


Rarity ???
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