"OXyz" an abbreviation of "Ocean Xyz", abbreviated "OX" Ekushīzu), is an Archetype of monsters that can be Xyz Summoned by Xyz Evolution, with the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Frenzy of the Deep", and is closely tied to the "Atlanteans" archetype. They have been used by Mizu Fudo in order to enhance her Extra Deck monsters. These monsters are created through the elemental power of WATER to improve Xyz Monsters of the same Attribute.

Xyz Materials attached to "OXyz" monsters resemble dark-blue energy-based sharks, or other predatory fish, depending on the Xyz, and are referred to as "Pack Overlay Units". Like monsters that can utilize Chaos Xyz Evolution, these monsters require an additional Xyz Material but with 1 higher Level in a regular Xyz Summon, since they themselves are 1 Rank higher than their respective original counterparts.

All "OXyz" monsters are depicted as being deep in the ocean, and are either located in some undersea ruins, like the "Atlanteans", or above a deep undersea chasm. Plus, all "OXyz" monsters have a very feral and predatory appearance to them. In juxtaposition to the "CXyzs'" glowing red lines, "OXyz" monsters have jagged dark-blue lines going down their bodies.

Due to their ties to the "Atlanteans", "OXyzs" have effects that either bring more monsters onto the field, increase the power of WATER monsters, or do something intimidating to negatively affect their foes. This is a clear link to their owner's anger issues and occasional bouts of primal rage. Finally, "OXyzs" don't necessarily need their Xyz Materials all of the type, making them worthy opponents to their "Barian" counterparts.

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