Obediah "Obbie" Daniels
Appear in
Fanfic Numbershot 43.5
Age 20
Species Human
Occupation Dancer, Number Hunter
Country United States
Dueling Details
Deck Star Dancer
Primary Number Card Number 43.5: Prima Ballet Dance

Obediah Daniels is a character in a future Numbershot of Rocket Knight 777.


Obbie is a tall, thin male with a body built for dancing. His blonde hair is short with bangs in the front that hang at about eyebrow level, which allows him the habit of flicking his hair to one side, for both looks and so he can see. He primarily wears polo shirts of different styles with shorts and tennis shoes.


Growing up an only child of a rich family, Obbie was use to getting his way, which helped him gain a cocky, better-than-you attitude. He is a Broadway-dancer-to-be who dreams of seeing his name in lights. Sadly, no audition ever goes well for him, as his primadonna attitude almost always overshadows his talent. His overconfidence in his dancing abilities is what formed his Number card, whose influence not only fed his ego, but made every director and producer on Broadway want him for their shows. His defeat in a duel against Simon Notroson has lead him to see himself in a new light, losing his cocky, loner, solo act attitude to become more of a brother to his new friends. With this new attitude, he began to show the world who he really is. Currently, Obbie has set his dream aside to help Simon in his quest to gather the Numbers, as a means of thanking Simon for helping him see who he was. During this time, he often serves as a cheerleader for his friends' duels, and trying to talk them back up after their confidence has fallen to a low point. He will often step up to duel when one of his friends is not feeling up to it, or simply to stand up for them.


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  • This character's dreams of being a dancer and belief in his friends is meant to be a nod towards Téa Gardner.


Obbie's deck is a Star Dancer Deck, which focuses on getting all the pieces of the Star Dancer strategy together.

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