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Fanfic unknown
Gender Male
Species Barian
Dueling Details
Deck Egyptian Insects

Ordelk is a Barian in Rocket Knight 777's Zexal II universe. He is partnered with Awfradan.


In his true form, Ordelk is a white-skinned Barian with a black tribal-like designs running all across his body adorned with lavander colored gems every so often along those lines. His head is bald save for a small black ponytail on the back. The only decoration on his face are two black lines that run from the outside corners of his eyes down his face, meeting at the center of his chin. He wears a black and white, zebra-striped, kilt-like garment and an open vest with the same design. He also has a small, misshapen Barian emblem in the center of his chest; from which, it appears the black designs covering his body stems. He keeps his Baria Lapis on his left upper arm.

While in human form, Ordelk takes the shape of a muscular man, about as buff as Girag and as tall as Mizar, with amber eyes and a deep tan. He keeps his bald head and ponytail. Like Mizar, Ordelk does not wear a Heartland Academy uniform; instead wearing ripped blue jeans, brown sandals, a gray tank top, and a blue baseball cap. By the time of the Legendary Numbers hunt, he loses his blue ball cap.


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Ordelk's name is derived from Epsilon Ursae Minoris, also known as Urodelus, a star located in the Little Dipper asterism.


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Ordelk uses a Deck of Egyptian/Mummy themed Insect Types that focus on swarming the field and filling the Graveyard to utilize the effect of his Number's Chaos Form.