Sophia has reset the center continent and purged the world of the corruption of the Lswarm. However, far to the west the Aesir prepare themselves for the Storm of Ragnarok. But Sutr is not the only force that threatens Blargard; after so many years, those who had once threatened the Ice Barrier come spilling forth. For the Othyr Warld hungers for the destruction of the world!

Set Specifications
  • Set Name: Othyr Warld Impact
  • Set Prefix: OTWI
  • Release Date: December 2012
  • Legal for Local Events: No
  • Cover Card: Magicrafted Tsura
  • Special Participation Card: Semper Primus
  • Features:
    • Includes “Othyr” “Starsworn” “Vitoria” and “Magicrafted” archetypes.
    • Also contains “Broadcast” monster support
  • Contains 60 cards

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1st Edition

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