The Paleolithes (旧石器, Kyūsekki) are an archetype of Rock monsters that are also treated as either Warrior, Spellcaster, or Machine Types. In Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART, they are used by Sykonetyk - Geo. The focus of this archetype is similar to the Gishki archetype, in that they focus on Ritual Summoning. The also can Tribute themselves to summon other Paleolithes in the Graveyard like a Tribute Summon. The main strategy with the Paleolithes is to Ritual Summon as many of the Ritual Monsters as possible and use the other monsters to recycle them back to the field. The regular Effect Monsters and Xyz Monsters look like ancient warriors and shamans dressed in outfits made of dinosaur fossils and small bits of technology whose names are a play on the species names of fossils relating to human evolution. The Ritual Monsters and Composition Monsters are actual dinosaur and prehistoric fossils reanimated through use of magic and science whose names are a play on the names of the dinosaurs they are based on.

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