Pandora with Mask appearance by Jadenkaiba

Character Information
Name Pandora
Kanji パンドラ
Age Unknown
Appears In Yugioh DQ Special
Gender Female
  • Unknown

Pandora is the main antagonist in "Yugioh DQ: Bonds between Dimensions". A "Slider" who travels through parallel dimensions to destroy other dimensions in order to save her own dimension from distortions. She wears a mask and her true identity is draped in mystery. Her appearance looks exactly and resembles like Paradox.

Character Design

Her appearance and design is similar to Paradox. She is like Paradox's female version.

Character Biography

Pandora is from another alternate dimension. She is an expeditionist and discovered a mysterious box and accidentically released its powers resulting of her world being distorted and the spirit from the box takes control of her, but Pandora is still in her senses. In order to save her dimension from completely destroyed, she has to destroy other dimensions that is causing the distortions. Her world is nearly destroyed. Pandora is a "Slider" that can travel parallel dimensions and universes by her custom made D-Wheel "The Slider". In order to do that, she has to take "Kaleidos, Goddess of Dimensions" from a Turbo Duelist, Mei. She goes through Yumi's dimension using her experimental D-Wheel that can slide through dimension and take the card that enables her to jump through dimensions at anytime she wishes. After that she destroys the dimensions she went through in the process. She went through Nahaje and Angela's dimensions too. (Other details is soon to be revealed)


Opponent Outcome
Yumi Fuuko Cancelled

Pandora's Deck includes an archetype composed of DARK Monsters which have no shared Type and can be easily summoned by Field Spell "Darkness Box". Other cards will be revealed soon.

Pandora's Box
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