Obediah "Obbie" Daniels
Appear in
Fanfic Numbershot 64.5
Age 21
Species Human
Occupation Artist, Number Hunter
Dueling Details
Deck Cursed Art
Primary Number Card Number 67.5: Cursed Art - Dark Masterpiece

Paola D. Thomas is a character of a future Numbershot of Rocket Knight 777.


Paola has shoulder-length blond hair that she often wears loose. She mainly wears a red tank-top under a denim jacket that's at least 1 size too big for her, as well as jeans and red cowboy boots. On her head is always a red beret.


She is a young artist who sells her artworks on the street corners of Heartland. She mostly paints landscapes and portraits of what she sees. However, no one buys her paintings, which makes her feel she isn't that good. Her fear in her "lack of talent" is what formed her Number card. Through the influence of her Number card, people unknowingly buy her paintings, but once they regain themselves, they see what they brought isn't what they first thought it was. The paintings then soon have a negative effect on their new owners (each one different depending on what is painted, from houses collapsing unexpectedly, to fires, to horrible rashes and sores. After her duel with Yuma, She returns to normal, and her affected artworks lose their power, but are soon destroyed by there owners. When they come to complain, they see her "real" art, and replace their previous works the new ones, soon telling their friends about her works, and soon she is receiving commissions left and right for more of her art.


Paola deck is a Cursed Art Deck, focusing on the powers of her Cursed Art card.

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