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Paradise (Japanese: ()(じょ)(おう) Suki Joō or (あい)(じょ)(おう) Ai Joō, both meaning "Love Empress" or "Queen of Feelings"; called "Devoted Empress" in fanfictions) is a female Spellcaster-Type sub-archetype of the "Numbers" (they all have "Number 13" in their names).

They are the ace cards of Tori Meadows in the Numbershots and in the My Maiden Series, and are used by Yuko Tsukumo in Numeralshots Prologue - The Future Upon Us. In Yin-Yang Yoh's universe, they also are Mia's original Number. Moreover, "Number 13: Paradise" makes a guest appareance in The Return of the Dreamed Hunter as a normal, human-made non-Number card.

The archetype was ideated by Taylor Gorrell, and XBrain130 drew the members.

"Number 13: Paradise" is romantically involved with "Number 39: Utopia", and they often battle together in fanfictions, evoking the classic "male swordsman and female sorcerer" type of couple from fantasy media. "Number 100: Arcadia" is their son.


Each "Paradise" Xyz Monster is a female counterpart of an Xyz member of the "Utopia" archetype, as showed by their similar armor style and mirrored artwork poses. Instead of wings and swords, they have cloths (such as capes or scarfs) and staffs. They also have a predominatly silver-and-amethyst color scheme.

Most of them have two effects:

  • One applies while they are treated as Monster Cards, usually geared towards supporting "Utopia" monsters or gathering them on the field.
  • One is triggered when they are equipped to their corresponding counterpart, granting it various powering up effects and their Xyz Materials.

This reflects Tori and her crush on Yuma Tsukumo in the anime, and her support for him. These monsters are also said to resemble her, having helmets shaped similarly to Tori's hairstyle, and the same hazel eyes.

Some of the "Paradise" monsters have malevolent counterparts, the "Heartbreaker" monsters, represented by their "Number 31".



My Maiden Series


The Hunter Trilogy

In The Return of the Dreamed Hunter, after defeating Shiyuki Tahita and ending up at the hospital, adult Yuma gifts "Paradise" to Tori, his wife. The card was created for Yuma as a prize for the 4th World Duel Carnival, and like some real-life tournament prize cards, it was illegal in official duels.


"Utopia" monster "Paradise" monster "Heartbreaker" monster
Number 39: Utopia Number 13: Paradise Number 31: Heartbreaker
Number C39: Utopia Ray Number C13: True Paradise Number C31: Heartbreaker - Widow Havisham
Number C13: Avis Paradise
Number C39: Utopia Ray V Number C13: True Paradise V Number C31: Heartbreaker Estella V
--- Number C13: Lost Paradise ---
Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory Number C13: True Paradise Virtue Number C31: Heartbreaker - Camillaw Vice
Number 39: Utopia Roots Number 13: Budding Paradise ---
Number 39: Utopia Beyond Number 13: Transcend Paradise ---
Number 13: Over Paradise
Number X39T: Chrono Wishing Star Utopia Jiffy Number X13T: Chrono Link Star Paradise Jiffy ---
Number X2379: Utopia Rex Number X247: Winter Paradise ---
Number X507: Utopia-Paradise Union ---


  • Both names of this archetype literally mean "Love Empress". "Suki" hints at budding feelings or early love, which is therefore weaker; while "Ai" indicates very strong, true love. The change of word indicating stronger love mirrors this card evolved forms being stronger.