The Pentacle Squad is a group of five monsters (with a couple of related support monsters) created by Taylor Gorrell. This Archetype is based off of various teams seen in action shows, such as the Ginyu Force from Dragon Ball Z or the Power Rangers. Average in power, the true power of the Pentacle Squad is awakened if all five are gathered.

Play Style

The members of the Pentacle Squad are all average in power, but each of them have an effect. The thing is, the effects of the Pentacle Squad only activate if all five members of the Squad are face-up on the user's field at the same time. Thankfully, effects of their support cards allow them to hit the field with remarkable ease in order to combat their opponent. Since they are useless on their own, and Summoning all five of them can drain your Deck, the Pentacle Squad is hard to use unless the Deck is dedicated to them.


  • The name "Pentacle Squad" comes from "pentacle", which includes the prefix "penta-", meaning "five", the number of members in the Squad.

The Pentacle Squad

Monster Cards

Captain Penton - Gulaxi - Komat - Estrella - Neblone

Xyz Monsters (Pentacle Squad Formations)

Alpha - Beta - Gamma - Sigma - Omega

Spell Cards

The Pentacle Squad Emerges!! - Return of the Squad - Pentacle Force - Bond of Five

Trap Cards

Pentacle Barrier - Quintuple Portal - Fifth Beacon

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