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Performapal Arrow Roulette
Performapal Arrow Roulette.png
Japan-flag.png Romaji Entameito Arō Rūretto
Japan-flag.png Translated Entermate Arrow Roulette
Creator Branch
Card type Spell Card Spell.png
Property Normal Normal.png
If you control a "Performapal" monster: Roll a six-sided die and apply the result.
● 1: Take 1000 damage.
● 2: Gain 500 LP for each "Performapal" card you control.
● 3: Your opponent draws 1 card.
● 4: Either add 1 "Performapal" monster from your GY to your hand or return 1 banished "Performapal" monster to the GY.
● 5: Destroy 1 card you control.
● 6: Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower "Performapal" monsters with different names from your Deck to the field, but any damage your opponent takes from your cards for the rest of this turn is halved.
You can only activate 1 "Performapal Arrow Roulette" per turn.
Sets Evolution of Unity (EVUN-EN051 - ???)