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Performapal Bubble Dolphin
Creator Branch
Attribute WATER WATER.png
Type(s) [ Aqua/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level 4 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 1500 / 800
Pendulum Scale 6 Pendulum Scale.png 6
During your Main Phase: You can destroy this card, and if you do, all cards you control are unaffected by your opponent's card effects for the rest of this turn.
Monster Lore
When this card is Normal Summoned: You can roll a six-sided die, excavate that many cards from the top of your Deck, Special Summon 1 excavated "Performapal" monster, then if you have no cards in your hand, add 1 excavated Spell/Trap to your hand. Shuffle the rest back into the Deck.
Sets Devil's Entertainment (DVET-EN022 - ???)