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Performapal Evilord
Japan-flag.png Romaji Entameito Ībirōdo
Japan-flag.png Translated Entermate Evilord
Creator XBrain130
Attribute DARK DARK.png
Type(s) [ Dragon/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level 4 Level2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.pngLevel2.png
ATK / DEF 0 / 0
Pendulum Scale 2 Pendulum Scale.png 2
Once per turn, if you Special Summon a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Monster using a "Performapal" monster(s) as Material: You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; it has its effects negated.
Monster Lore
If this card is Pendulum Summoned: You can Tribute 1 other "Performapal" monster, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; destroy it, and if you do, this card gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster's original ATK, also this card's name becomes that monster's original name, and replace this effect with that monster's original effects.
Sets The Endless Samsara (TESA-EN023 - ???)