A Persona Monster is a type of Monster Card. The color of their card frame is a gradient; its top half is light blue and the bottom half dark blue, similar to the logo for Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. This gradient is decorated with a circuitry pattern similar to a computer circuit.


Unlike regular Monster Cards, Persona Monsters cannot exist in the Main or Extra Deck. Instead, they are automatically played at the start of the Duel, and are placed in a new zone known as a Persona Zone. While in the Persona Zone, they cannot be removed from the field. Each player can only have 1 Persona Monster in their possession. However, in a case like a Tag-Team Duel or a Battle Royale Duel, more than one Persona Monster can exist on any given side of the field.

Persona Monsters are similar to Pendulum Monsters in which they have unique effects (known as Persona Effects), as well as regular monster effects, if any. Unlike Pendulum Effects, Persona Effects are always active whether they are in the Persona or Monster Zones. Persona Monsters also have Levels, like most regular Monster Cards. However, they cannot be Tuner monsters.

A Persona Monster can be used as material for Extra Deck Summons. They cannot be Tributed for Summons or effects, except for Ritual Summoning. If Tributed or used as material, the Personal Effects of the Persona Monster are transferred to the newly Summoned monster. However, if a Persona Monster or monster Summoned using a Persona Monster is removed from the field, the monster's controller loses the Duel.

Unlike other Monster Cards where the text refers to themselves as "cards", Persona Monsters refer to themselves as "Personas". However, they can still be affected by cards and effects that include "monster" or "card" in the text.

Persona Summon

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A Persona Summon is the act of Summoning a Persona Monster from the Persona Zone to the Monster Zone. If a Persona Monster's conditions are met (the conditions are listed where the materials are usually located), the player can Special Summon the Persona Monster from their Persona Zone. However, the player cannot Normal Summon or Set during that turn.


The overall concept of Persona Monsters takes inspiration from the Deck Masters of the "Virtual World" arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, as well as the Skills (more specifically, the Skills used in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS).

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