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Peter Stanson
Appear in
Fanfic unknown
Age 14
Species Human
Occupation Card Shop stockboy, Number Hunter
Dueling Details
Deck Pixel Soldier
Primary Number Card Number 95.5: Polygonal Head

Peter Stanson is a minor character in Rocket Knight 777's ZeXal fanfiction universe.


Peter is around the same age as Yuma, though is just about as tall as Flip Turner. He is of average build for a boy his size. When he's not wearing the typical uniform or a second year student at Heartland Academy, Pete typically wears a black T-shirt with a sytlize "PS" in blue and white on the front, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Peter deep blue hair is normally is normally styled with large pyramid-like spikes. His most noticed (and at one point teased about) features are his squared jaw, and equally squared nose.


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  • Peter's name is a play on the "PS" logo for the Playstation systems.


Opponent Outcome
Yuma Tsukumo TBA

Peter runs a Pixel Soldier Deck, which focuses on giving his Pixel Soldiers their Power Counter in order to use their effect, as well as the varied Levels and ability to gain Levels to Synchro and Xyz Summon various different kinds of monsters that he hand picked from his family card shop to use.