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The Pixel Soldiers are an archetype of monsters based on characters from various video games. They are similar to the Pixel HEROes; but, while the HEROes are mostly based on characters from Nintendo games, the Soldiers are based characters from Sony games, primarily from the game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and their allies from the games they come from.

Play Style

The Pixel Soldiers don't really support each other, except for the support given to them by their "Super" Spells and Traps and the "Item" equip spells. That said, they operate a fairly basic beatdown strategy, with some cards allowing you the chance to swarm your field with them. They also the effect to treat themselves as Normal Monsters while in the Graveyard, welcoming some Normal Support cards into a deck with these card might end up being a good idea. While some may start out weak, they gain 1 Level and a certain amount of ATK and DEF with each enemy they destroy, almost similar to leveling up in a video game. This allows them to be quite versatile in Decks that focus on Synchro and/or Xyz Summoning.

Who's Who

Pixel Soldier Playstation All-Star
Cloth Creator Sackboy
Dark Colonel Colonel Radec
Destruction Mortal Kratos
Divine Blade Wielder Nariko
Dreamer Cat Toro Inoue
Electrical Engineer Isaac Clarke
Fiend Hunter Dante
Gravity Queen Kat & Dusty
Infamous Hero Cole MacGrath
Infamous Villain Evil Cole MacGrath
Interstellar Heroes Ratchet & Clank
King of Lightning Zeus
Lightning Cyborg Raiden
Martial Arts Master Heihachi Mishima
Massive Protector Big Daddy
Master Thief Sly Cooper
Monkey Catcher Spike
Royal Heavyweight Fat Princess
Skeletal Knight Sir Daniel Fortesque
Space Mercenary Emmett Graves
Star Rapper PaRappa
Treasure Hunter Nathan Drake
Twisted Clown Sweet Tooth
Unlikely Duo Jak and Daxter