Plantastic Token (プランタスティック・トークン Purantasutikku Tōkun) is a spin-off Archetype of the "Pixel HERO" Archetype, both of which were created by Taylor Gorrell. They are made up of Plant-Type Token Monsters of all Attributes, and all cards part of this Archetype are based on characters and objects from the Pikmin series of video games. The name is a combination of "plant" and "fantastic", though the latter refers not to the word meaning "excellent", but to the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, referencing the tiny size of the Pikmin characters.

Play Style

The Plantastics revolve around Special Summoning "Plantastic Tokens" to be used as Tribute fodder for "Pixel HERO - Plantastic Voyager"'s effect, then Special Summoning them through support cards to keep the chain going. Most of the Tokens have effects that, when Tributed by "Plantastic Voyager", gives that monster an effect, as if they are being used as weapons.


  • This Archetype is the first Archetype to be comprised solely of Token Monsters.
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