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Fanfic unknown
Gender Male
Species Barian
Dueling Details
Deck Technorganic

Plarys is a Barian in Rocket Knight 777's Zexal II universe. He is partnered and friends with Dumon. In the absence of Nasch and Merag, he was the leader of the Barian Emperors.


Plarys is the tallest of the Barians, with his nose being level with the tips of Girag's hair. While he was in the Barian World, he wore black robes with a hood over his head and eyes that glowed with a near blood red light.

In his true form, Plarys is a black-skinned Barian with lines of a red-orange color crisscrossing his body; giving him an appearance of being made of rock or lava. He has dreadlocks that hang loose in the back of his head, and have a metallic appearance to them. He wears only a a gun-metal grey, metallic kilt and large boots of the same color; all decorated with white gems. He also has a large Barian emblem with a white outline on the right side of his chest. His Baria Lapis is used as his belt buckle.

While in human form, Plarys is a very tall and muscular man (moreso than Girag) with shoulder-length black dreadlocks. He appears much older than the other Barians and is dressed in a black tank top, camouflage cargo shorts, and brown sandals.


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Plarys's name is derived from Alpha Ursae Minoris, also known as Polaris (or the North Star), a star located in the Little Dipper asterism.



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Plarys uses a Technorganic Deck, which focuses high-powered monsters in a massive beatdown strategy. His main ace Number 114: Technorganic Dinoid Galactasaurus Rex.