A Plasma Monster (プラズマモンスター, Purazuma Monsutā) are new monsters made by LHK. These cards live in the Extra Deck and are Summoned via Plasma Summon. They have aquamarine card frames.

As Xyz Monsters need 2 Level X monsters, the Plasma Monsters need 2 Rank X Xyz Monsters, being the evolutions of those Xyz Monsters.

Plasma Monsters do not have Levels, they have Ranks, just like Xyz Monsters, but Plasma Monsters cannot be used as Materials for other Plasma Monsters, because they need 2 (or more) Rank X Xyz monsters, limitizing them. Another difference between them and Xyz Monsters is that their Rank is aligned from the right, unlike Xyz Monsters.

Because they are relatively hard to Summon, the average ATK that Plasma Monsters have is approximately 2700-3000 ATK.

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