Artwork from Gathering of the Polaris

The Polaris (ポラリス Porarisu) are a group of WATER Dragon-type monsters used by Dan in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL fanfic, Yu-Gi-Oh! Delta. They are mostly icy dragons in appearance, and the majority of their support cards can be identified by containing the word Polaris in their card names.


The Polaris Dragons were originally a group of highly intelligent dragons that roamed freely around the polar icecaps. However, when tragedy struck and the world was attacked by the Meklords, they feared for their lives, especially as their power relied greatly on the strength granted by Synchro Summoning. To survive, they therefore retreated to their frozen fortress, Polaris Adventitia, and waited for the Meklords to retreat.

They were a powerful and successful civilisation, that not only conquered a great deal of land and many other tribes in their time, but also were intelligent enough to maintain a civilised society. They lived in harmony with the nearby tribes, and a mutual agreement with a strong wolf tribe was quickly established. These roaming wolves would do whatever they could to guard the fortress of the Polaris, and in exchange, the wolves were able to feast on the scraps from the dragon's hunting trips.

The dragons did not elect a single ruler, but rather were ruled by a few strong individuals, who came to be known as the Polaris Dragon Lords (ポラリス·竜王 Porarisu ryūō) and would lead hunting groups and batallions where necessary.

Play style

The main monsters are mostly Level 3 WATER Dragon-type monsters, aside from the Tuner monster Polaris Dragon Rhetta, who is Level 1. All of these monsters share the same effect - "You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by removing x Polaris Counters from the field." - where 'x' is the Level of the monster baring this text. Their other effects generally focus on Special Summoning & searching themselves along other Polaris Dragons, in general using the Graveyard as a helpful middle-ground.

The Polaris Dragons Lords are the real power behind this archetype, and as such they are split between Effect Monsters, Synchro Monsters, and a single Xyz Monster. The Effect Monsters share the same ability as the basic Polaris Dragons, while the Synchro Monsters have a similar ability, but instead of Summoning themselves from the hand (which is not possible with a Synchro Monster), they can instead use the removed Polaris Counters to revive themselves from the Graveyard.

The Polaris Counters that are so useful to the effects of the Polaris Dragons and Polaris Dragon Lords are generally distributed by the Spell and Trap Cards of the archetype, but can also be placed by the Polaris Dragon Lords as well. As such, this is a close-knit archetype that can swarm effectively, but only when alongside other members of their archetype that can distribute the required Polaris Counters.


Effect Monsters

Polaris Dragon Briar - Polaris Dragon Guiva - Polaris Dragon Islingh - Polaris Dragon Lord Skhulblach - Polaris Dragon Lord Skhulrnir - Polaris Dragon Rhetta - Polaris Dragon Sapphia - Polaris Dragon Sona - Polaris Dragon Yve - Polaris Frostling

Synchro Monsters

Polaris Dragon Lord Skhulglyss - Polaris Dragon Lord Skhulvorze

Spell Cards

Daybreak of the Polaris - Gathering of the Polaris - Legacy of the Polaris - Polaris Adventitia, the Mythic Citadel

Trap Cards

Polaris Blizzard - Polaris' Rhystic Circle

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