Power Generator monsters are Effect Monsters with the ability "Power Generator". Each Power Generator monster has an effect that destroys itself if you do not control a monster of a certian archetype with both higher ATK and DEF than its own, and a second effect that it gains while you control a monster of that archetype.

Power Generator monster were introduced in Nuclear Strike-Reborn and were created by Fishybuz


Latest effect text (using PSCT) reads as follow:

If you control no ___ monsters with higher ATK and DEF than this card's, destroy this card. While you control a ___ monster, this card gains this effect.

Generally Power Generator monster are not intended to work together, rather support their related archetype with effects that promote the summoning of monsters from the Extra Deck, or Ritual Monsters.

For a list of Power Generator monsters see "List of Power Generator monsters".


All Power Generator monster currently have numbers in their name, denoting the order of their creation.

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