The Fableds being close to annihilation after their treachery, those in the Ice Barrier think themselves safe, thinking there is no need for their last gamble after all. However, a magical barrier suddenly slams down upon the borders of their territory, and a portal to a fiendish world opens, the hordes of the Othyr Warld spilling forth, a veritable deity in the form of a fiendish dragon leading the assault.

Having no other option, the leaders of the Ice Barrier give in to the demands of the hidden sect that resides in the caverns deep beneath their territory. The Red Disciples have been given back their treasured Balmung. The Tyrant will roar, and time itself will be sundered.


Helpers: Karkashan

Power Overwhelming the Ice Barrier
(FTCG - English)
Booster Pack
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
POIB EN010 Lucius Dai Goch Secret Rare Monster
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