The Preciplos are one of Taylor Gorrell and YRPOtaku169's six Duel Terminal Archetypes. It is a series of WATER monsters made up of Aqua, Thunder, and Psychic-Types. Preciplos are split into four factions: Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail. Their respective weather form is seen behind them in their artworks, Thunder-Types also being shown with lightning. They battle against the Skymatans for control over the weather, wanting constant storms. Their symbol is a red square with a stormcloud in the middle, the corners having four colored circles for each tribe: Light Blue (Rain), White (Snow), Dark Blue (Sleet), and Dark Gray (Hail).


Feared by many but tamed by these, the raw power of the storm is the basis of existence for the Preciplo tribes, living under a constant veil of stormclouds. The lightning powers their homes, the precipitation gives them sustenance, and the clouds give them a means to gain more power. However, one day, their clouds began to break, the culprit being a Skymatan aircraft that is quickly blasted out of the sky. Skymata threatens war if their progress for stormless skies is impeded, but the Preciplo tribes band together and send a message back: "The fury of the storm awaits all who disrupt the nature of the sky." This message was followed by a Skymatan assault. The war of the sky has begun.

Play Style

Preciplos combine self-Milling and excavation to rapidly go through their Deck. Their self-Milling is an effect cost rather than a requirement each turn, with a few exceptions. Through both Mill and excavation, the Preciplos fill their Graveyard quickly, also enabling them to amass Graveyard power.

The focus of each effect varies between the four factions. Rain Preciplos focus on keeping you and themselves safe through protection and healing effects. Snow Preciplos stall your opponent by stopping their moves. Sleet Preciplos power themselves up and give extra effects. Hail Preciplos are more brutal, boasting high ATK and destruction effects.


The name "Preciplo" comes from "precipitation", which the four factions are named after.

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