• These cards are designed to be a balance between the Forbidden Chaos cards and the rarely-played Sky Scourges.
  • They are an attempt to design a well-balanced Chaos series.
  • They are also loosely based on Yubel.

  • All of them are Unlimited, despite whatever mistakes I have written on the card pages.
  • The point of the Primordial Agents, like the original Chaos cards, is to remove cards from play until the player’s opponent is severely limited in his or her card choice. Like Yubel, the Primordial agents have several stages, which, if all stages can be completed, can end up to be just as powerful as the Forbidden Chaos cards, or even greater.

Stage 1: These are 4-star Gemini monsters, with semi-weak effects. Note that the second summon requires 1 DARK and 1 LIGHT monster in the Graveyard to be removed from play, therefore requiring a 3-monster tribute.
Stage 2: Level 7 effect monsters. Requires a tribute of a Stage 1 monster that has been Second Summoned, as well as the removal of 1 DARK or LIGHT monster (your choice). These monsters can be destroyed to bring out the Ritual Magic card required for Stage 3.
Stage 3: level 10 Ritual monsters. Requires the removal of either a DARK or LIGHT monsters whose level equals to 9 and your Stage 2 monster. These cards are most likely just as powerful as the Forbidden Chaos monsters. All of them are Magic-immune (untargetable by magic).


Apprentice/Wizard/Sage: This combination gets rid of Monster Cards, an effect reminiscent of “Chaos Sorcerer” and “Black Luster Soldier.”
Squire/Knight/Warlord: This combination gets rid of Magic and Trap Cards.
Serpent/Drake/Dragon: This combination gets rid of cards, regardless of type, at the cost of half the number of cards discarded. This is an attempt to resemble “Chaos Emperor Dragon.”
Hatchling/Pheonix/Thunderbird: This combination forces your opponent to shuffle cards back into his deck, performing a sort of ‘anti-draw.’

Primordial Agent Cards (under construction)
Card Name Rarity
Primordial Agent Lvl4: The Apprentice
Primordial Agent Lvl7: The Wizard
Primordial Agent Lvl9: The Sage
Primordial Agent Lvl4: The Squire
Primordial Agent Lvl7: The Knight
Primordial Agent Lvl9: The Warlord
Primordial Agent Lvl4: The Serpent
Primordial Agent Lvl7: The Drake
Primordial Agent Lvl9: The Dragon
Primordial Agent Lvl4: The Hatchling
Primordial Agent Lvl7: The Pheonix
Primordial Agent Lvl9: The Thunderbird
Primordial Ultimatum
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