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! +
You can only activate this card when a monster on your opponent's side of the field declares a Direct Attack, and you have at least one monster card on your side of the field. Negate the attack.  +
!! +
As long as this card is face-up on the field and there is a Monster Card on your side of the field, your opponent can not declare a Direct Attack.  +
When 1 or more <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">A-Counter</span>]</span>s are removed from the field: Place an equal number of A-Counters on an opponent's [[Monster Cards|monster]]. If you [[control]] an "<span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">"A" Cell Incubator</span>]</span>" and your opponent controls no monsters, you can place an equal number of A-Counters on your ""A" Cell Incubator", instead.  +
Each time a [[Monster Cards|monster]] with 1 or more <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">A-Counter</span>]</span>s [[leaves the field]], inflict 500 [[damage]] to the [[controller]] of that monster for every A-Counter that was on that monster.  +
[[Monster]]s with <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">A-Counter</span>]</span>s on them cannot use their [[effect]]s, also they cannot be [[Tribute]]d.  +
Non-[[Reptile]] [[Monster Cards|monsters]] your opponent [[control]]s lose 500 [[ATK]] and [[DEF]]. Once per [[turn]]: You can remove 2 "<span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">A-Counter</span>]</span>s" from anywhere on the [[field]]; add 1 "<span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">Alien</span>]</span>" monster from your [[Graveyard|GY]] to your [[hand]].  +
Remove any number of A-Counters from the field to Special Summon 1 "Alien" monster whose level is equal to the number of removed A-Counters from your Hand, Deck, or Graveyard.  +
You can only use the following [[effect]] of ""C" in a Envelope" once per turn. If your opponent [[Special Summon]]s a monster(s): You can [[activate]] this effect (in your [[hand]]); add this card to their hand, and keep it revealed. While this card is revealed in the hand, that player cannot Special Summon. Cannot be used as a [[Synchro Material|Synchro]], [[Xyz Material|Xyz]] or [[Fusion Material]]. Cannot be [[Tribute]]d, except for a [[Tribute Summon]].  +
You can [[Normal Summon]]/[[Set]] this card without [[Tribute|Tributing]]. In that case, its [[ATK]] becomes 1800, also the following effect is negated. When this card is [[destroy]]ed and <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">sent</span>]</span> to the [[Graveyard|GY]]: [[Special Summon]] it during the [[End Phase]].  +
When this card is [[Normal Summon]]ed: You can [[Tribute]] this card; <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">return</span>]</span> 1 card from your [[Graveyard|GY]] to your [[hand]]. This [[face-up]] card is returned to your hand during the [[End Phase]]  +
[[Target]] 1 [[Thunder]] "[[Thunder-Type "B."|B.]]" [[Monster Cards|monster]] in your [[Graveyard|GY]]; [[Special Summon]] it, but it is [[destroy]]ed during the [[End Phase]].  +
[[Special Summon]] 1 [[Level]] 4 or lower [[Monster Cards|monster]] from your [[hand]]. If you did not [[activate]] "[[What Goes Up...]]" during this [[turn]], take 1000 [[damage]] during your [[End Phase]].  +
You can [[Special Summon]] this card to your opponent's [[field]] in [[face-up]] [[Defense Position]] by [[Tribute|Tributing]] 1 Level 3 or lower [[Zombie]] [[Monster Cards|monster]] they [[control]]. If you Special Summon this card, you cannot [[Normal Summon]] this [[turn]]. When this card is [[destroy]]ed by battle with a Zombie monster: You can draw 2 cards.  +
Increase the [[Level]] of the [[equip]]ped [[Monster Cards|monster]] by 1.  +
[[Target]] 1 [[face-up]] card on the [[field]] that can place a Ritual Star Counter on; place 1 Ritual Star Counter on the target.  +
You can only [[activate]] this card during a <span class="plainlinks">[ <span style="color: #3366BB;">Tag-Team Duel</span>]</span>. You choose one of your opponents, and you and that opponent will have a have a 1-on-1 Duel until one of you loses or this card is [[destroy]]ed. While this card is [[face-up]] on the [[field]], your Tag Partner and your opponent's Tag Partner cannot conduct battle.  +
''His war-horse has carried him through battle after battle, his bow aiding him in conquests. Many a man has fallen to his lethally-precise arrows.''  +
[[Face-up]] [[monster]]s your opponent [[control]]s lose 1000 [[ATK]]. Cannot be [[target]]ed for an [[attack]] while you control a [[face-up]] "[[Below Zero]]" monster with a higher [[Level]] than this card, OR a [[face-up]] "Below Zero" [[Xyz Monster]].  +
13 +
The [[Level]] of the [[equip]]ped [[Monster Cards|monster]] becomes 13. When the equipped monster is sent to the [[Graveyard|GY]]: Inflict 1300 damage to your opponent. When the equipped monster is [[banish]]ed: Gain 1300 [[Life Points|LP]]. When the equipped monster is returned to its owner's [[hand]]: Increase the [[ATK]] of 1 monster your opponent [[control]]s by 1300 until the [[End Phase]], and return this card to your hand. When your LP is less than 1300 when this card is destroyed: Draw 1 card.  +
You can [[Special Summon]] this card (from your [[hand]]) while you control [[face-up]] "[[Below Zero]]" [[monster]]s with [[Level]]s lower than this card's. [[Face-up]] [[monster]]s your opponent [[control]]s lose [[ATK]] equal to this card's Level x 100. Cannot be [[target]]ed for an attack while you control a [[face-up]] "Below Zero" monster with a higher Level than this card, OR a [[face-up]] "Below Zero" [[Xyz Monster]]. Once per turn: Target 1 "Below Zero" [[monster]] you control; this card's Level becomes the targeted monster's Level, until your next [[Standby Phase]].  +
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