PsyHeroes are a new archetype created by Samurai Bruxo (beyond Shaolin and Creepy and Cute monsters) formed by Psychic-type Fusion and Synchro monsters.

The Fusion PsyHero monsters focus on increasing or decreasing yours or your opponents life points. Sometimes this is a cost to activate a special effect. All of them require a spell card named PsyHero Call to be face-up on field, otherwise they are destroyed. All of them require 4 monsters as fusion material, and you cannot use Fusion Substitute monsters. However, due to their unespecific Fusion Material monsters, this doesn't matter. Moreover, while they are face-up on field, they are also treated as one other attribute and one other type (other than Psychic), meaning that they can gain more support from specific-type or specific-attribute cards (remember that this can also be a disadvantage).

Please do not confuse with "Psychic Hero".

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