Puppeteer's Doll - Archfiend Blaster
Attribute Dark Dark
Type(s) [ Fiend/Effect ]
Level 8 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 3000 / 2000
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Seven-Colored Puppeteer. By paying 1000 Life Points, send all cards on the field to the Graveyard, except this card and all "Seven-Colored Puppeteer" on your side of the field.
Sets Seven-Colored Strike SVCS - EN007
Rarity Ultra Rare


Normal Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Villager

Effect Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Dante - Archfiend Guardian - Jigoku - Archfiend Kamikaze - Archfiend Mechanic - Archfiend Parrot, the Cookie Hunter - Archfiend of Speed
Archfiend Servant - Archfiend Spirit - Archfiend Watchman - Dark Archfiend Ruler Ha Des - First Class Archfiend - Mufin Archfiend
Negative Class Ultimate Archfiend Ha Des
Zeroth Class Ultimate Archfiend - Puppeteer's Doll - Archfiend Blaster - Archfiend Supporter
Sha Wujing, the Sand Archfiend - Shaolin Archfiend - Ocean Archfiend - Archfiend of Light
Draconic Archfiend Gundey - Draconic Archfiend Marona - Draconic Archfiend Scarrette

Fusion Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Kuriboh - Archfiend Lord Dante - Darkness Skull Archfiend

Hybrid Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Blader of Light

Link Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Winged Shadow Archfiend - Winged Spirit Archfiend

Ritual Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Luna - Armed Archfiend

Synchro Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend King Terror - Ruler of All Fear

Xyz Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Doommarshall Archfiend - Fearassassin Archfiend - Paniccardinal Archfiend

Non-Fiend-Type Archfiends

Archfiend Lord Apocrolipha - Archfiend Lord Fir Läk - Archfiend Lord Forneus
Archfiend Lord Glutnger - Archfiend Lord Krateius - Archfiend Lord Pennatus
Archfiend Lord Ozarus - Archfiend Lord Zyklon - Archfiend Shadow Dragon
Crimson Dragon Archfiend (Ritual Monster) - Gilfer Legend (Synchro) - Nature Root-Insect Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend / Chaos - Spawn Dragon Archfiend (Dark Synchro)
Star Dragon Archfiend
Majestic Archfiend Super-Nimble Mega Hamster/Assault Mode(Synchro)

Spell Cards

Archfiend Chessboard - Archfiend's Final Fusion - Archfiend Group Blast
Archfiend's Rain - Archfiend's Servant
Crimson Inferno Ritual - Offering of the Dark Commander
Underworld Capital Pandæmonium

Trap Cards

Archfear - Archfiend Possession Virus - Archfiend Tamer



Puppeteer's Doll


Seven-Colored Puppeteer
Prideful Warrior - Brave Knight - Gentle Healer - Dignified Lancer - Sure-Shot Sniper - Archfiend Blaster - Masterful Bomber - Smart Tactician - Berserk Axe - Master Magician - Valiant Drill - Singularity - Puppet Synchron


Reimu-H - Black-White Magician - Puppeteer's Art - Puppet Control - Puppet Dimension - Seven-Colored Mirror Force - Puppeteer's Last Resort - Doll War - Puppet Revival - Puppet Ritual - Seven-Colored Strike - Seven-Colored Greed - Malice Cannon - Sealed Grimoire - Legendary Grimoire - Wonder Puppeteer - Unsealed Grimoire - Puppeteer's Love - Puppet Royalty - Seven-Colored Puppeteer - Seven-Colored Master Puppeteer - Accel Puppeteer - Tyrant Puppeteer


Rejected Puppet - Toon-Colored Puppeteer

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