After a long time, they aroused ...Of the depths of hell ... The Warriors of Pain are back ... and you will suffer ... What they have suffered.

Spoiler Card List

The objective of the Deck is summon the fastest possible "Queen of Pain - Ethrana." For this, you should have 1 "Princess of Pain - Inthra". As "Princess of Pain - Inthra" is a card that can be easily destroyed, you must have more than one in the Deck, or protect it with some other letter in that case "Sakuretsu Armor". "Dark Lightning Blade" can be equiped into one of the Warrior-Type DARK monsters, in this case "Warrior of Pain - Akosh", the most powerful DARK Warrior-Type monster in the deck. When you get ready for summon "Queen of Pain - Ethrana", activate the Spell "Unequip" to destroy "Dark Lightning Blade", avoiding decreases the ATK points of "Queen of Pain - Ethrana". To avoid that "Queen of Pain - Ethrana" is destroyed, the card "Immortal Homeostasis" was included in the deck. After, active "Orb of Duplication" to duplicate "Queen of Pain - Ethrana" and equip in it "Lightning Blade". Use "Ninja Protection" to avoid the destruction of "Queen of Pain - Ethrana", if, by chance "Immortal Homeostasis" has been destroyed.

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