"RNK" (ランク Ranku) is an Archetype of cards started by Taylor Gorrell that will debut in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - The Future. They are the Xyz Monster version of the existing LV Archetype, starting out as younger, weaker forms before evolving into older, stronger forms. These monsters came about in an attempt to create cards that can "self-Rank-Up".

Play Style

Just like the LV series, RNK monsters start out with lower stats and a relatively basic effect. During the controller's next Standby Phase when the RNK monster has no Xyz Materials, they can Special Summon a monster with their name but the next Rank up from their Extra Deck and attach itself to that monster as an Xyz Material, but most of the time, a requirement has to be met, usually destroying a monster by battle during the turn. As a bonus, if a monster of the same Level as the new monster's Rank is in the user's hand, it can be attached to the new monster as an Xyz Material as well.


Any person can make additions to the RNK series, but there are three guidelines that all RNKs must follow.

1. All of them are 2-Material Xyzs.
2. All of them can be Xyz Summoned normally, but as they Rank up, they become much more picky with their Materials, making Summoning them through their past forms much easier.
3. Every time they Special Summon upgraded forms, they are treated as Xyz Summons.

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