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Rage of the Tyrant Crow
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
RTC-001 Honchkrow, the Dark Tyrant Crow Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RTC-002 Dark Tyrant Crow's Castle Ultra Rare Field Spell
RTC-003 Crow Masquerade Rare Continuous Spell
RTC–004 Little Crow Beast Common Effect Monster
RTC-005 Crow Ray Rare Continuous Trap
RTC-006 The Crow Knight of Midnight Super Rare Fusion/Effect Monster
RTC-007 Shadow Crow Armor Rare Equip Spell
RTC-008 Mer-Crow Knight Common Normal Monster
RTC-009 The Wild Ape Rare Spirit Monster
RTC-010 Mother Crow Common Normal Monster
RTC-011 Father Crow Common Normal Monster
RTC-012 Fledge the Crow Fledgling Common Normal Monster
RTC–013 Ling the Crow Fledgling Common Normal Monster
RTC-014 Egg the Crow Fledgling Common Normal Monster
RTC-015 Des Crow LV1 Common Effect Monster
RTC-016 Des Crow LV2 Common Effect Monster
RTC-017 Des Crow LV3 Common Effect Monster
RTC-018 Des Crow LV4 Common Effect Monster
RTC-019 Des Crow LV5 Common Effect Monster
RTC-020 Des Crow LV6 Rare Effect Monster
RTC-021 Des Crow LV7 Rare Effect Monster
RTC–022 Des Crow LV8 Rare Effect Monster
RTC-023 Des Crow LV9 Rare Effect Monster
RTC-024 Des Crow LV10 Super Rare Effect Monster
RTC-025 Des Crow LV11 Super Rare Effect Monster
RTC-026 Des Crow LV12 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RTC-027 Des Crow Destruction Super Rare Counter Trap
RTC-028 Wolffish Zombie Common Normal/Tuner Monster
RTC-029 The Fast Ape Rare Spirit Monster
RTC-030 Kaligeddon Rare Effect Monster
RTC-031 Filbert, Rival Crow's Mysterious Attack Beastess Rare Effect Monster
RTC-032 Collected Wolf Spider Rare Effect Monster
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