"Rank-Cross-Magic", abbreviated "RXM" (RXM(ランククロスマジック) Rankukurosu Majikku) is a series of Spell Cards that support Xyz Monsters by "Rank-Crossing" multiple Xyz Monsters into one Xyz Monster similar to Fusion Monsters, using the original monsters as Xyz Materials. "Rank-Cross-Magic" cards are considered the evolution of "Rank-Up-Magic" cards.

Like monsters that typically gain their effects through "Rank-Up-Magic" cards, some monsters only gain their effects if they are Xyz Summoned through "Rank-Cross-Magic" cards. However, Rank-Crossed Xyz Monsters gain two or more effects as opposed to just one, provided specific monsters on the new card's text are attached to it as Xyz Materials. An Xyz Monster that is meant to be Summoned through Rank-Crossing always has a Rank equal to the total of the Xyz Monsters that are meant to be Rank-Crossed to Summon it, but should this total go above 12, the Rank-Cross Xyz will simply be a Rank 12 monster that can treat itself as the actual Rank total (in fan media, the new monster's Rank is whatever number above 12 that the total comes to).

Unlike "Rank-Up-Magic" cards, "Rank-Cross-Magic" cards don't change the design of the Rank-Crossed monster's Overlay Units, but the Units themselves orbit the monster in helix formations based on how many Xyz Monsters were Rank-Crossed to Summon it (double helix for 2, triple helix for 3, etc.). If the Rank-Crossed monster was created through 2+ Xyz Monsters of different Attributes, each helix will have one Overlay Unit of each corresponding color. (Example: A Rank-Cross of a LIGHT Xyz Monster and a WATER Xyz Monster will yield double helices of one yellow and one blue apiece.)

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