Rank-Up-Magic Dimensional Rift
RUM(ランクアップマジック) - 次元リフト
Japan-flag Romaji Rankuappu Majikku - Jigen Rifuto
Japan-flag Translated Rank-Up Magic - Dimensional Rift
Card type Spell Card Spell
Property Normal Normal
Activate only when you control no monsters. Target 1 of your banished Xyz Monsters; Special Summon that monster, then immediately after it resolves: Xyz Summon 1 Xyz Monster (from the Extra Deck) with the same Attribute and/or Type but 1 Rank higher than that target, using it as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on the new Xyz Monster). Then, that monster gains 500 ATK until the End Phase.
Sets Beauty of Doom
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