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"Rebellion HERO" is an archetype of Warrior-Type monsters. Like the "Elemental HERO " monsters, they rely on Fusion Monsters to become stronger. Coming from the Fusion Dimension, they needed a duelist to guide them against Leo. It was the "Rebellion HERO" monsters themself that Leo discovered that there were Fusion Numbers that existed beyond 100. In fact, "F. Number 108: Rebellion HERO Neo Shadow Moon" was the first of such Fusion Monsters to appear.

Playing style

While most of the Main Deck "Rebellion HERO" monsters weren't strong on their own, they can fused themselves to become Fusion Monsters. Since most of them are Warrior-Type monsters, cards like "The Warrior Returning Alive" can support these monsters. As some of them are Normal Monsters, cards like "Dark Factory of Mass Production" can support them as well. As all of them are "HERO" monsters, cards that support "HERO" monsters would do well in this deck.


  • They are rivals of the "Elemental HERO" monsters.