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As a child, Ren was curious and adventurous. He would ask his parents about anything he did not understand.
However, he has closed himself off due to his father's disappearance 8 years before the start of Next-G, giving him a cold exterior. He resents his adoptive sister, Himiko because their dad disappeared on her birthday. She became a constant reminder of what he lost.
His Dueling style is pragmatic. He views Duel Monsters as merely a means to an end, not a fun pastime to enjoy with his friends. Due to his seeming lack of empathy, most people find it hard to approach him. As such, the few people that do manage to get past his exterior become treasured friends.


Ren can mean "lotus" or "water lily". Yuzora is a play on "yugi", meaning "game", and "Yozora", the surname meaning "night sky".


Before Next-G

  • Son of the previous Branch Manager of Kaiba Corporation's Gaia branch - Ryu Yuzora
  • Attended Duel Academy with Riharu; was a fill-in member of the Host Club
  • Designed his Deck; got them printed as part of his graduation
  • Lives in Awa with his mom - Mirai - and his sisters - Himiko and Mina

Season 1


Himiko Ozora

Before Season 1
Ren's adopted sister. After his father disappeared on her 8th birthday, Himiko became a constant reminder of what they lost. In the years between Ryu's disappearance and leaving for Duel Academy, his resentment grew until he could no longer stand looking at her. On the day he left for Duel Academy, he told her "You... You are not my sister. Stop pretending to be."
However, his true feelings were hidden deep inside. He needed someone to blame, but at the same time, he still loved her dearly. He thought hurting her was the only way to keep her from trying to reconnect their bond. But it hurt him seeing his little sister crying.

Season 1
Despite their strained relationship, Himiko does her best to reconnect with Ren. Despite her efforts, Ren remains externally cold. Hoewever, he's been shown to have remorse over the way he has been treating her.

??? Yuzora

  • played by ???

Ren's biological sister.

Ryu and Mirai Yuzora

Ren's parents.

Riharu ???

Before Season 1
Ren met Riharu while attending Duel Academy. The two of them were often avoided by other students due to their standoffish appearance. However, they were matched against each other during a practical exam. Ren's pragmatic Dueling style rubbed Riharu the wrong way at the start.

Leon Akatsuki

Season 1
Leon views Ren as an athletic rival.


Ren uses Ritualkin, an archetype he designed himself while attending Duel Academy.

Summon chants