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Reptile monsters were once one of the most overlooked types, their only use previously being tribute fodder for "Ultra Evolution Pill". However, with the release of the Alien and Venom monsters, Reptiles have come into their own as a Type that focuses on controlling the opponent by the use of Counters. This is also the only Type of card which does not have any Fusion card (Counting the OCG and TCG).

Reptiles gain no boost from any Field Spell Card; however, Aliens do get a helping hand from "Otherworld - The "A" Zone", while Venoms benefit from "Venom Swamp".

Archetypes include Aliens, Venoms, Gagagigo plus its transformations, and the Six Attribute Monsters (reptiles).

Other noticeable Reptiles are "Sinister Serpent", "Balloon Lizard", "Granadora", "Serpentine Princess", "Ananta the Wicked Serpent" and "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes".

Support cards include: "Snake Rain", "Snake Whistle", and "Razor Lizard".