Resolve Monsters are a new type of monster featured in "Yu-Gi-Oh! D²". These cards can only be Special Summoned from the Graveyard unless they were Resolve Summoned first, much like Xyz Monsters. These cards each have specific Level requirements, like Synchro Monsters and Extract Monsters, but these cards cannot be Summoned in any normal fashion. Each Resolve Monster has to be a specific Chain Link or higher in a Chain in order to be Resolve Summoned, and they need at least 1 Chainling monster and possibly more Chain Link Material Monsters. Some Resolve Monsters can negate the effects of cards that comes before the cards Summoning. Resolve Monsters, like Extract Monsters, are Token Gray, and they have high ATK and DEF stats based on the difficulty to summon the card. When a monster is Resolve Summoned, 1 of the Chain Link Material Monsters is placed on that card as an Equip Spell Card. The Resolve Monster gains half of the equipped monster's ATK, unless otherwise stated by that card's effect. Resolve Monsters are placed in the Extra Deck. A duelist cannot chain a Resolve Summon to his/her opponent's Resolve Summon. A duelist cannot Resolve Summon during his/her opponent's Battle Phase, but the Main Phases are fair game.

Secondary General

Player 1 Summons Celtic Guardian
Player 2 activates Trap Hole
Player 1 activates Seven Tools of the Bandit. Player 1 Tributes the required Chain Link Material Monsters to Resolve Summon. Trap Hole is destroyed by Seven Tools of the Bandit.

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