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Revenge of the Duelist
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
ROTD-ENXXX 2002 Was a Good Year for Card Games
ROTD-ENXXX A Bird in the Hand
ROTD-ENXXX A Deadly State of Mind
ROTD-ENXXX Abusive Guard
ROTD-ENXXX Abusive Royal Guard
ROTD-ENXXX Abusive Toll
ROTD-ENXXX Advent of the Magician
ROTD-ENXXX Alexa, the Spying Steel Robot
ROTD-ENXXX Altar Blaze
ROTD-ENXXX Altar Rupture
ROTD-ENXXX Altar of Ritual Arts
ROTD-ENXXX Ame-no-Uzume
ROTD-ENXXX Ancient Fairy Dragon/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Ancient Kingdom
ROTD-ENXXX Another White Elephant's Gift
ROTD-ENXXX Armored Rhino
ROTD-ENXXX Armory of the Guardians
ROTD-ENXXX As Long as We Are Together
ROTD-ENXXX Ascending Wind
ROTD-ENXXX Ashurbanipal, the Terrible Subjugator King
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Berserker
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Commander (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Draw
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Engineer
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Explosion
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Ignition
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Judgment
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Transformation
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Vehicle 2002 Evolution
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Vehicle 2002 Matrix Evolution
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Vehicle 2002 Matrix Evolution Imperauto
ROTD-ENXXX Assault Vehicle 2002 Model
ROTD-ENXXX Attack Inpachi
ROTD-ENXXX Awful Djinn of Rituals Master
ROTD-ENXXX Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon/Assault Mode (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Backup Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Ballista Turtle
ROTD-ENXXX Banishing Shot
ROTD-ENXXX Banner of Light
ROTD-ENXXX Battle Steering Steer
ROTD-ENXXX Battle Warden Warhorse
ROTD-ENXXX Battleguard General
ROTD-ENXXX Battleguard Headquarters
ROTD-ENXXX Battleguard Rebel
ROTD-ENXXX Battleguard Recruiter
ROTD-ENXXX Battleguard's Hunting Ground
ROTD-ENXXX Beggin' Goblin
ROTD-ENXXX Berserker Mode Activate
ROTD-ENXXX Betting Quiz
ROTD-ENXXX Black Brutdrago/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Crossbowman
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Crossbowman 2
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Fortress
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Marshall
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Spearman
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Spearman 2
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Swordsman
ROTD-ENXXX Black Dragon Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Black Rhinoceros
ROTD-ENXXX Black Rose Moonlight Dragon/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Black Tulip
ROTD-ENXXX Blacksmith Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Blackwing Armor Master/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Blaster, Dragon Ruler of the Fire Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Blessed Oracle Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Blessing of Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Blessing of Hands
ROTD-ENXXX Bomber Turtle (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Borrowed Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Bottomless Fissure
ROTD-ENXXX Bottomless Gate to the Netherworld
ROTD-ENXXX Boundary Paradox Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Absorption
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Collection
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Dealer
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Hunter
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Manipulation
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Master
ROTD-ENXXX Brain Stealer
ROTD-ENXXX Brainstorm
ROTD-ENXXX Bright Dust Spirit
ROTD-ENXXX Bright Room of Dreams
ROTD-ENXXX Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier/Assault Mode (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Broken Mirror
ROTD-ENXXX Bunny, the Brave-Hearted Fleet Horse
ROTD-ENXXX Call of the Fallen Ones
ROTD-ENXXX Call of the Little Warrior's Companions
ROTD-ENXXX Call to Battle
ROTD-ENXXX Card Restoration
ROTD-ENXXX Card of Friendship
ROTD-ENXXX Card of Grave Return
ROTD-ENXXX Cards of the Ritualist
ROTD-ENXXX Castle of Endless Nightmares
ROTD-ENXXX Cataclysm Origin Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Celsius, Lord of the Sun Flame
ROTD-ENXXX Chained Dark Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Chained Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Change of Tide
ROTD-ENXXX Channeler of Ritual Magic
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Chariot
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Cowboy
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Destroyer
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Diligence
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Emperor Dragon, Lord of the Armageddon
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos End Dragon, Ruler of the Armageddon
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Graveyard
ROTD-ENXXX Chaos Rider (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Charge of the Little Warrior's Companions
ROTD-ENXXX Charge of the Rhinos
ROTD-ENXXX Charging Rhino
ROTD-ENXXX Charybdis, the Insatiable Sea Beast
ROTD-ENXXX Cheats of the Gnomes
ROTD-ENXXX Chijin the Stone Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Chthonian Gate Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Chthonian Tribute
ROTD-ENXXX Code Jammer
ROTD-ENXXX Commander of Cannons
ROTD-ENXXX Compensation of the Robber
ROTD-ENXXX Contract with the Ritual Djinn
ROTD-ENXXX Corridor of Despair
ROTD-ENXXX Corridor of Pain
ROTD-ENXXX Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Costly Evacuation
ROTD-ENXXX Creature Bane
ROTD-ENXXX Creature Tax
ROTD-ENXXX Crimson Blader/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Choice
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Decision
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Destruction
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Escape
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Position
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Return
ROTD-ENXXX Critical Zone
ROTD-ENXXX Critter of the Fire Lake
ROTD-ENXXX Crowd Crushing Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Crushing Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Cry of the Little Warrior's Companions
ROTD-ENXXX Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Current Shift
ROTD-ENXXX Curse of the Silent
ROTD-ENXXX Cursed Oracle Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Creature
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Agni
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Indra
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Lakshmi
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Parvati
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Saraswati
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Angel Yamuna
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Dragon Nightmare, the King of the Scrapyard
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Elite Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Jar 2 (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Cyber Rampage Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX D.D. Head Trainer of the Crazy Beasts
ROTD-ENXXX D.D. Supreme Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX D.D. Trained Crazy Beast
ROTD-ENXXX D.D. Warping Trap Hole
ROTD-ENXXX Dagger of the Mind
ROTD-ENXXX Damage Absorbing Machine
ROTD-ENXXX Damage Draining Machine
ROTD-ENXXX Damage Transformation
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Deliverance
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Device
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Dragonsmith
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Baou
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Ceal
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Eatos
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Elma (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Grarl
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Kay'est
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Guardian Tryce
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Magician of Chaos MAX
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Magician of Illusions
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Material
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Mercenary
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Mist Barrier Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Pyramid
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Smog Beast
ROTD-ENXXX Dark Strike Fighter/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Feast
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Legacy
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Order
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Relic
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Shrine
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Trap
ROTD-ENXXX Dark World Tribute
ROTD-ENXXX Darkness Embrace
ROTD-ENXXX Darkness Wave
ROTD-ENXXX Decisive Battle
ROTD-ENXXX Demolition Charge
ROTD-ENXXX Destruction Shift
ROTD-ENXXX Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Diabolos, Lord of the Absolute Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX Diabolos, Ruler of the Deepest Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX Dimension Fusioner
ROTD-ENXXX Dimension Inversion
ROTD-ENXXX Dimensional Mischief
ROTD-ENXXX Divine Inspiration
ROTD-ENXXX Divinity Disciple
ROTD-ENXXX Djinn Banisher of Rituals
ROTD-ENXXX Djinn Destroyer of Rituals
ROTD-ENXXX Djinn Drainer of Rituals
ROTD-ENXXX Djinn Master of Rituals
ROTD-ENXXX Djinn Protector of Rituals
ROTD-ENXXX Domain of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Doom Counterblow
ROTD-ENXXX Doom Dimension Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Doom Dimension Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Double Pain
ROTD-ENXXX Double Treason
ROTD-ENXXX Double Trouble
ROTD-ENXXX Double-Spear Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Dragged Down into the Bottomless Pit
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Emperor of Tragic Endings
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Empress of Tragic Endings
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Fortress Trap
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon King of Tragic Endings
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Knight Blaster, Overlord of Infernos
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Knight Redox, Overlord of Boulders
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Knight Tempest, Overlord of Storms
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Knight Tidal, Overlord of Waterfalls
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Master Knight, the Battlefield Crusher
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Matriarch
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Patriarch
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon Recruiter
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon of Revenge
ROTD-ENXXX Dragon of the Fire Lake
ROTD-ENXXX Drakkonius, Lord of Consuming Chaos
ROTD-ENXXX Draw of Supremacy
ROTD-ENXXX Draxx, Lord of Confusion
ROTD-ENXXX Dungeon of Despair
ROTD-ENXXX Eager Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Electric Eel
ROTD-ENXXX Element-Infecting Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Elemental Jar
ROTD-ENXXX Elite Miner
ROTD-ENXXX Elite Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Emergency Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Emperor Tiger Diwanghu
ROTD-ENXXX Energy-Draining Mobile Device
ROTD-ENXXX Enraged Battleguard
ROTD-ENXXX Enraged Force
ROTD-ENXXX Enraged Penguin
ROTD-ENXXX Essence of the Earth
ROTD-ENXXX Eternal Desert
ROTD-ENXXX Evil Oyster
ROTD-ENXXX Exchange of the Soul
ROTD-ENXXX Exiled Elite Force
ROTD-ENXXX Exodia Necross, Lord of the Fallen Forbidden Ones
ROTD-ENXXX Exodia, the Master of Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX Expert Fiendbuster Agent
ROTD-ENXXX Exploder Dragonwing/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Explosive Hot Potato
ROTD-ENXXX Explosive Magician/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Explosive Penguin
ROTD-ENXXX Extra Dimension
ROTD-ENXXX Extra Force
ROTD-ENXXX Extra Ritual Art
ROTD-ENXXX Exxod, Divine Master of the Guard
ROTD-ENXXX Faraway Cry
ROTD-ENXXX Feeding on Flames
ROTD-ENXXX Fiber Jar 2
ROTD-ENXXX Final Armament of the Lethal Lords
ROTD-ENXXX Final Testament of the Arcane Lords
ROTD-ENXXX Firestorm Origin Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Five-Headed Cyber Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Five-Headed Legendary Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Flames of Ruin
ROTD-ENXXX Flash Held by a Tribute
ROTD-ENXXX Flying Fortress - Star Bomber
ROTD-ENXXX Foolish Madness
ROTD-ENXXX Foolish Revenge
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Fruit
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Fusion
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Ritual Art
ROTD-ENXXX Forbidden Tree
ROTD-ENXXX Fortress Turtle, the Aquatic Destroyer
ROTD-ENXXX Fortune Fisherman
ROTD-ENXXX Fortune of a Traveler
ROTD-ENXXX Four-Pawd Angel
ROTD-ENXXX Four-Pawd Hero
ROTD-ENXXX Fred, the Loyal-Hearted Impetuous Goat
ROTD-ENXXX Fukurokuju
ROTD-ENXXX Furious Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Fusion of Souls
ROTD-ENXXX Future Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Future Synchro
ROTD-ENXXX Gate of Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX Gateway of the Sanctuary
ROTD-ENXXX Ghoul of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Giant Monster of the Swamp
ROTD-ENXXX Gilford the Judgment Lightning
ROTD-ENXXX Gilford the True Legend
ROTD-ENXXX Gilford the Ultimate Lightning
ROTD-ENXXX Goblin Headquarters
ROTD-ENXXX Goyo Guardian/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Graceful Generosity
ROTD-ENXXX Gravelstorm Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Graveyard Degradation
ROTD-ENXXX Great Cannonball Spear Shellfish
ROTD-ENXXX Great Dark Ring
ROTD-ENXXX Great Illusory Telescope
ROTD-ENXXX Great Rhinoceros of Chaos
ROTD-ENXXX Great Torpedo Fish
ROTD-ENXXX Greed Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Ground Zero
ROTD-ENXXX Guarded Treasure Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Guardian Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Guardian of the Earth Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Guardian of the Fire Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Guardian of the Water Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Guardian of the Wind Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier/Assault Mode (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Hamon, Lord of Ceaseless Thunder
ROTD-ENXXX Hands of Blessing
ROTD-ENXXX Harpie's Pet Berserk Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Harpie's Pet Black Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Harpie's Pet Ritual Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Harvesting the Earth
ROTD-ENXXX Head Coach Goblin
ROTD-ENXXX Heavy Blizzard
ROTD-ENXXX Herald of Power
ROTD-ENXXX High Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Highly Hazardous Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Hijin the Flame Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Honest, Guardian Angel of Hope
ROTD-ENXXX Horror Montage Monstrosity
ROTD-ENXXX Horse of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Imhotep's Healing Blessing
ROTD-ENXXX Impcantation Magicauldron
ROTD-ENXXX Impcantation Offerings
ROTD-ENXXX Impcantation Recipergamine
ROTD-ENXXX Impenetrable Force Field
ROTD-ENXXX Incredibly Infectious Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Inferno Fire Wall
ROTD-ENXXX Infinity-Eyes Restrict
ROTD-ENXXX Instant Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Invader of the Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Ironhold the Moving Fortress
ROTD-ENXXX Jack, the Cheerful-Hearted Friendly Dog
ROTD-ENXXX Jar of Acquisitiveness
ROTD-ENXXX Jasper, the Sly-Hearted Skilled Raccoon
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Joker
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Lady
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Magician
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Sorcerer
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Troubadour
ROTD-ENXXX Jester Warlock
ROTD-ENXXX Judgment from a Different Dimension
ROTD-ENXXX Judgment of the Robber
ROTD-ENXXX Judgment of the Silent
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the Crescent Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the Full Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the Half Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the New Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the Waning Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Knight of the White Moon
ROTD-ENXXX Koryu, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Kronos, Lord of Space-Time
ROTD-ENXXX Kuebiko Scarecrow
ROTD-ENXXX Kushitama (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Labyrinth Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Launcher Turtle
ROTD-ENXXX Laura, the Pure-Hearted Little Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Leeching the Shadow
ROTD-ENXXX Left Flank Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Level Reproduction
ROTD-ENXXX Life Draining Machine
ROTD-ENXXX Life Investment
ROTD-ENXXX Light Destroyer
ROTD-ENXXX Light-Diffusing Device
ROTD-ENXXX Lightlord Zerato, Keeper of the Sanctuary
ROTD-ENXXX Line Destruction
ROTD-ENXXX Liquid Nitrogen Beast
ROTD-ENXXX Liquid Nitrogen Weapon
ROTD-ENXXX Little Fairy Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Lone Striker
ROTD-ENXXX Lone Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Lone Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Loud Rock, the Chaos-Causing-Noisy-Serpent
ROTD-ENXXX Machine King's Improvement
ROTD-ENXXX Macro Cosmic Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Macromorph
ROTD-ENXXX Mad Ritualist
ROTD-ENXXX Magic-Reflecting Metalmorph
ROTD-ENXXX Magical Fusion Release
ROTD-ENXXX Magical Ritual Release
ROTD-ENXXX Magician of Black Chaos - Envoy of the Illusion
ROTD-ENXXX Magician of Chaos MAX
ROTD-ENXXX Magician of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Magnificent Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Magnificent Sword of the Ancient Kings
ROTD-ENXXX Makyura the Executor
ROTD-ENXXX Makyura the Fiend Skull Executor
ROTD-ENXXX Malevolent Extinction
ROTD-ENXXX Marauding Zombie Captain
ROTD-ENXXX Mask of Life Limit
ROTD-ENXXX Mask of Life Restriction
ROTD-ENXXX Mask of Life Sealing
ROTD-ENXXX Massive Ambush
ROTD-ENXXX Master Dragun King
ROTD-ENXXX Mataza, the Twin-Sword Zapper
ROTD-ENXXX Mental Overload
ROTD-ENXXX Messenger Penguin
ROTD-ENXXX Metalmorph Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Metamorphosis Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Millenium Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Beast
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Cat
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Cobra
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Falcon
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Mummy
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Rebirth
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Soldier
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Spear
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Millennium World
ROTD-ENXXX Mind Entity Gatherer
ROTD-ENXXX Mind Mastering Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Mind Over Mayhem
ROTD-ENXXX Mind Overload
ROTD-ENXXX Mind Pollutant Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Miracle Missile
ROTD-ENXXX Miracle Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Mirage of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Mirror of Desires
ROTD-ENXXX Mirror of Dreams
ROTD-ENXXX Mirror of the Mind
ROTD-ENXXX Mist Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Mitama Festival
ROTD-ENXXX Mobile Canceller Device
ROTD-ENXXX Mobile Cannon
ROTD-ENXXX Monsterpedia
ROTD-ENXXX Monsterpedia Volume 1
ROTD-ENXXX Monsterpedia Volume 2
ROTD-ENXXX Monsterpedia Volume 3
ROTD-ENXXX Monsterpedia Volume 4
ROTD-ENXXX Monstrous Book
ROTD-ENXXX Monstrous Surprise
ROTD-ENXXX Monstrous World
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Evacuation Device
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Landstalker
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Landwalker
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Laser Turret
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Launching Platform
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Puma Vehicle
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Roving Vehicle
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Hangar
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Program
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle 2
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle 3
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle 4
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle 5
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Shuttle 6
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Space Station
ROTD-ENXXX Moonraker Tank
ROTD-ENXXX More Supplies
ROTD-ENXXX Morphing Jar 3
ROTD-ENXXX Mystical Space Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Mythical Land of the Sphinxes
ROTD-ENXXX Nanobarrier
ROTD-ENXXX Nanoblast
ROTD-ENXXX Nanodestruction
ROTD-ENXXX Nanoexperiment
ROTD-ENXXX Nanohealing
ROTD-ENXXX Nanomonsters
ROTD-ENXXX Nanoresearch
ROTD-ENXXX Nanoshield
ROTD-ENXXX Nanoswarm
ROTD-ENXXX Nanotoxin
ROTD-ENXXX Nanovirus
ROTD-ENXXX Necromancer of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Negative Reaction
ROTD-ENXXX Negotiation Squad
ROTD-ENXXX Net-Infecting Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Bakemono
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Death Phantom
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Deviclaw
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Devidragon
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Devilady
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Devile
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Devimarine
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Deviskull
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Dokugumo
ROTD-ENXXX Nightmare Soldier Evil Mammoth
ROTD-ENXXX Oblivius, Lord of Oblivion
ROTD-ENXXX Ocean Countess
ROTD-ENXXX Omega Polymerization
ROTD-ENXXX Omegatron, Master of the Electronic Space
ROTD-ENXXX One Giant Leap for Mankind
ROTD-ENXXX One Hard-Earned Day of Peace
ROTD-ENXXX One Small Step for a Man
ROTD-ENXXX Overlord of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Overwhelming Axe
ROTD-ENXXX Padma, the Sacred Lotus
ROTD-ENXXX Paladin of Pet Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Parallel Destruction
ROTD-ENXXX Parallel Dimension
ROTD-ENXXX Parasite Lamprey
ROTD-ENXXX Pendulum Flare
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin Charge
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin Den
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin Guardian of the Nest
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin Temple
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Penguin's Nest
ROTD-ENXXX Perfect Inpachi
ROTD-ENXXX Perilous Paralyzing Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Pharaoh's Treasurer
ROTD-ENXXX Piercing Draw
ROTD-ENXXX Pillage Squad
ROTD-ENXXX Polymerization Blast
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Blessing
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Despair
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Dreams
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Exhaustion
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Royalty
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of The Forbidden 2
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of Tribes
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of the Element
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of the Highlander
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of the Robber
ROTD-ENXXX Pot of the Tribe
ROTD-ENXXX Power Bond Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX Power of the Ritualist
ROTD-ENXXX Powered Archfiend of Gilfer
ROTD-ENXXX Powered Des Volstgalph
ROTD-ENXXX Powered Infernal Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Powered Inzektron/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Powered Spirit Ryu
ROTD-ENXXX Premature Banishment
ROTD-ENXXX Premature Exile
ROTD-ENXXX Primal Force
ROTD-ENXXX Primal Power
ROTD-ENXXX Primal World
ROTD-ENXXX Privileged Brain
ROTD-ENXXX Project Apollo
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Enforcer, the Mind Entity
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Mind Striker
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Protector, the Mind Entity
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Sorceress, the Mind Entity
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Summoner, the Mind Entity
ROTD-ENXXX Psychic Supreme Ruler, the Mind Entity
ROTD-ENXXX Pumpemperor the Emperor of Ghosts
ROTD-ENXXX Pumpempress the Empress of Ghosts
ROTD-ENXXX Pumpoverlord the Overlord of Ghosts
ROTD-ENXXX Punishment of the Robber
ROTD-ENXXX Purgatory City
ROTD-ENXXX Pyro Clock of Beginning
ROTD-ENXXX Quarantine for the Plague
ROTD-ENXXX Queen Dragun
ROTD-ENXXX Question 2
ROTD-ENXXX Question 3
ROTD-ENXXX Quiz Choice
ROTD-ENXXX Quiz Lifeline
ROTD-ENXXX Ramming Shield
ROTD-ENXXX Raviel, Lord of Risen Phantasms
ROTD-ENXXX Red-Eyes Darkness Zombie Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Redox, Dragon Ruler of the Earth Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Regenerating Jar
ROTD-ENXXX Reincarnation of the Offerings
ROTD-ENXXX Reincarnation of the Ultimate Offering
ROTD-ENXXX Reinforced Rebirth
ROTD-ENXXX Reinforcement Battleguard
ROTD-ENXXX Rekindling the Fire
ROTD-ENXXX Return from the Parallel Dimension
ROTD-ENXXX Return of the Light (card)
ROTD-ENXXX Return of the Little Warrior's Companions
ROTD-ENXXX Return of the Soul
ROTD-ENXXX Revealing Light Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Revival of the Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX Revival of the Offering
ROTD-ENXXX Reward of the Victorious
ROTD-ENXXX Rhino Stampede
ROTD-ENXXX Rift Collapse
ROTD-ENXXX Right Flank Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Risen from the Deep, Maelstrom Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Rising Nightmare
ROTD-ENXXX Rising Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Rising from the Depths
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Art from Beyond
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Art of Destiny
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Burst
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Devourer
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Gate
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Penguin
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Phoenix
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Recovering Vault
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Rejection
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Reload
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Reward
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Sparrow
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual Turkey
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual of the Earth Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual of the Fire Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual of the Legendary Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual of the Water Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Ritual of the Wind Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Roulette Quiz
ROTD-ENXXX Royal Offering
ROTD-ENXXX Royal Privilege
ROTD-ENXXX Royal Punishment
ROTD-ENXXX Sacred Limbo
ROTD-ENXXX Sacred Ritual of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Sacred Tridevi
ROTD-ENXXX Sage of Solitude
ROTD-ENXXX Sage of Sorrow
ROTD-ENXXX Sakitama (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Samsara Hero
ROTD-ENXXX Samsara Paladin
ROTD-ENXXX Samurai Destroyer/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Sanctuary of the Guardians
ROTD-ENXXX Scrap-Cleaning Loader
ROTD-ENXXX Scylla, the Ferocious Sea Beast
ROTD-ENXXX Sea Reloading Hangar
ROTD-ENXXX Shaarus, the Dimension Distortioner
ROTD-ENXXX Shadow Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Shadow Squid
ROTD-ENXXX Shadow of Destruction
ROTD-ENXXX Shards of Hope
ROTD-ENXXX Shattering Ground
ROTD-ENXXX Shield Slam
ROTD-ENXXX Shifting Sands Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Shinobird Falcon
ROTD-ENXXX Shinobird Phoenix
ROTD-ENXXX Shinobird Sparrow
ROTD-ENXXX Shinobird Vulture
ROTD-ENXXX Siege Tower Turtle
ROTD-ENXXX Siege Tower of Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX Silent Sentence
ROTD-ENXXX Smuggius, the Most Magnificent of All Dragons
ROTD-ENXXX Sneaky Force
ROTD-ENXXX Solemn Adjudication
ROTD-ENXXX Sorcerer of the Ice Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Soul Barrier
ROTD-ENXXX Soul Recharge
ROTD-ENXXX Soul of the Ritualist
ROTD-ENXXX Spell Destroyer
ROTD-ENXXX Spell Recovery
ROTD-ENXXX Spell Ruler
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of Ritual Gathering
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of Ritual Power
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of Ritual Reborning
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of Ritual Recovering
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of Ritual Releasing
ROTD-ENXXX Spellbook of the Ritual Master
ROTD-ENXXX Sphinx Sorcerer
ROTD-ENXXX Sphinx Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Spirit Call
ROTD-ENXXX Spirit Realm (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Splendid Rose/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Star Mirror Shield
ROTD-ENXXX Star Reproduction
ROTD-ENXXX Starving Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Storm Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Submarine Turtle
ROTD-ENXXX Sudoku Field
ROTD-ENXXX Summoned Divinity of the River
ROTD-ENXXX Summoner of Mirages
ROTD-ENXXX Summoning Sickness Virus
ROTD-ENXXX Summoning Sphinx
ROTD-ENXXX Sun Mirror Shield
ROTD-ENXXX Super Chaos Fusion
ROTD-ENXXX Super Counterattack
ROTD-ENXXX Super Nutrient Z
ROTD-ENXXX Super Reanimation
ROTD-ENXXX Super Rocket Warrior
ROTD-ENXXX Super-Rare Metal Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Supersonic Chick
ROTD-ENXXX Supreme Ritual Art
ROTD-ENXXX Supreme Vanguard of the Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Surge of Shadow
ROTD-ENXXX Susan, the Wise-Hearted Innocent Maiden
ROTD-ENXXX Sweet Smell
ROTD-ENXXX Swift Justice
ROTD-ENXXX Taunting Rhino
ROTD-ENXXX Tax Collector
ROTD-ENXXX Tax Exemption
ROTD-ENXXX Tempest, Dragon Ruler of the Wind Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Terrorkaiser Sea Serpent
ROTD-ENXXX The Agent of Solitude - Neptune
ROTD-ENXXX The Agent of Termination - Pluto
ROTD-ENXXX The Cheater
ROTD-ENXXX The Cheater 2
ROTD-ENXXX The Cheaters
ROTD-ENXXX The Chopper Chef
ROTD-ENXXX The Dark - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The Earth - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The Expert Spy
ROTD-ENXXX The Fiend Omegacyber (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX The Fire - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The First Miracle
ROTD-ENXXX The Flying Dutchman
ROTD-ENXXX The Fourth Miracle
ROTD-ENXXX The Last Miracle
ROTD-ENXXX The Legendary Gate Guardian
ROTD-ENXXX The Light - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The Nightmare of the Kitchen
ROTD-ENXXX The Resistance of the Normal
ROTD-ENXXX The Return of the Normal
ROTD-ENXXX The Sanctuary in the Heaven
ROTD-ENXXX The Scary Scullion
ROTD-ENXXX The Second Miracle
ROTD-ENXXX The Sixth Sense of the Normal
ROTD-ENXXX The Strait of Scylla
ROTD-ENXXX The Third Miracle
ROTD-ENXXX The Undercover Spy (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX The Water - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The Weakest Link
ROTD-ENXXX The Wind - Hex-Sealed Ritual
ROTD-ENXXX The World of the Normal
ROTD-ENXXX Thought Ruler Archfiend/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX Thunder Hammer
ROTD-ENXXX Tidal, Dragon Ruler of the Water Altar
ROTD-ENXXX Trap Calling
ROTD-ENXXX Trap Reclamation
ROTD-ENXXX Trap of Pain
ROTD-ENXXX Tribute of Revenge
ROTD-ENXXX Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier/Assault Mode
ROTD-ENXXX True Last Will
ROTD-ENXXX Tyrant Royal Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Tyrant's Pet Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Counterattack (F373)
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Inpachi
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Insect LV11
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Insect LV9
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Machine King
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Ritual Art
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Supernova
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Thunder Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Ultimate Will
ROTD-ENXXX Ultra Rare Metalmorph
ROTD-ENXXX Ultra-Rare Metal Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Ultrasonic Chick
ROTD-ENXXX Unchained Dragon
ROTD-ENXXX Unsealed Kazejin
ROTD-ENXXX Unsealed Sanga of the Thunder
ROTD-ENXXX Unsealed Suijin
ROTD-ENXXX Urgent Preparation of Rites
ROTD-ENXXX Uria, Lord of Purifying Flames
ROTD-ENXXX Vanguard of the Dragon Summoner
ROTD-ENXXX Vanguard of the Dragon Tactician
ROTD-ENXXX Vengeful Orca
ROTD-ENXXX Vessel of Dreams
ROTD-ENXXX Voltanis the Ultimate Adjudicator
ROTD-ENXXX Voltanis, Lord of Despair
ROTD-ENXXX Voltanis, the Chaos Adjudicator
ROTD-ENXXX War Reparations
ROTD-ENXXX Wasteland Battleguard
ROTD-ENXXX Water Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Waterfall of Ritual Offerings
ROTD-ENXXX Whale Mega-Fortress of Darkness
ROTD-ENXXX White Rhinoceros
ROTD-ENXXX Wide Canceller Device
ROTD-ENXXX Wild Boar of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Winoka Warriors
ROTD-ENXXX Wiseabass
ROTD-ENXXX Witch of the Willow Prairie
ROTD-ENXXX World of Confusion
ROTD-ENXXX Worm of the Black Forest
ROTD-ENXXX Yamijin the Shadow Golem
ROTD-ENXXX Yata-Garasu Emperor
ROTD-ENXXX Zombie Apocalypse
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