Reverse Monsters are a new Type of Monster Cards. The colour of their card frame is Light Blue. These cards are included in the Extra Deck.

The Reverse Monsters act as support for their corresponding type, with their Level and Attribute matching the most commonly used monster for that type.

They resemble Dark Synchro Monsters, but only require one monster on the field to summon them.

Summoning a Reverse Monster properly is called a Reverse Summon.

Rule of the Reverse

  • You can only include one Reverse Monster in your Extra Deck at a time, but you can include more in your Side Deck.

How to Summon a Reverse Monster

  • To conduct a Reverse Summon, you must send to the Graveyard a face-up monster you control whose Level is equal to the Level of the Reverse Monster you are attempting to summon multiplied by -1 and if the sent monster has the same Attribute and Type.

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