The mighty forces of darkness rise from the abyss! Can you control the new army of DARK monsters?


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Revolution of Might
(FTCG - English)
  • TCG Set Prefix: REMH
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
REMH-EN000 Luna - Deity of Darkness Secret Rare Synchro Monster
REMH-EN001 Luna - Darkness Commander Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN002 Luna - Divinity of Light and Darkness Ultimate Rare Monster
REMH-EN003 Luna - Armed Archfiend Super Rare/Ultra rare Ritual Monster
REMH-EN004 Luna - Divine Light Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
REMH-EN005 Fusion Mage Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN006 Ritual Mage Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN007 Servant of the Darkness Commander Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN008 Luna's Lead Scientist Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN009 Master Lord of Summons Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
REMH-EN010 Healing Doctor Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN011 Mystic Gardener Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN012 Phoenix-Girl Ultra Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN013 Luna - Toon Commander Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN014 Archfiend Supporter Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN015 Captain Marina Super Rare Synchro Monster
REMH-EN016 Dreaded Dragon Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN017 Lord Fairy of Ice Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
REMH-EN018 Dread Chimera Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN019 Faceless Fiend Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN020 Nocturne Insect Knight Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN021 Dancing Lord of Thunder Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN022 Captain Marina/Assault Mode Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN023 Scarlet Vampire - The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon Common/Super Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN024 Scarlet Vampire - Sister of the Scarlet Moon Common/Super Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN025 Phantom of Cherry Blossoms Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN026 Dark Tuner - Reaper of the River of Dead Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN027 Judge of the Dead Super Rare Dark Synchro Monster
REMH-EN028 Dark Grepher Common Effect Monster
REMH-EN029 Dark Armed Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
REMH-EN030 Blessing to the Dark Commander Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN031 Offering of the Dark Commander Common Spell Card
REMH-EN032 Salvation of the Darkness Commander Common Spell Card
REMH-EN033 Darkness Commander's Revival Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN034 Dark Medicine Common Spell Card
REMH-EN035 Shadow Watchbird Common Spell Card
REMH-EN036 Forced Medical Exam Common Spell Card
REMH-EN037 Divination - Fantasy Heaven Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN038 Draw Engine - Luna Common Spell Card
REMH-EN039 Treasure Raid Common Spell Card
REMH-EN040 Critical Hit Common Spell Card
REMH-EN041 Summoning of Darkness Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN042 Planetary Revolution Common Spell Card
REMH-EN043 Demise of Fortune Common Spell Card
REMH-EN044 Tyrant Laws Common Spell Card
REMH-EN045 Dual Orbs Common Spell Card
REMH-EN046 Spirit Reincarnation Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN047 Scarlet Embodiment Common Spell Card
REMH-EN048 Perfect Cherry Blossom Rare Spell Card
REMH-EN049 Imperishable Night Common Spell Card
REMH-EN050 Darkness Commander's Trap Hole Common Trap Card
REMH-EN051 Darkness Commander's Decree Super Rare Trap Card
REMH-EN052 Dark Judgment Common Trap Card
REMH-EN053 Dark Wrath Rare Trap Card
REMH-EN054 Cloning Madness Common Trap Card
REMH-EN055 Fad Spreading Common Trap Card
REMH-EN056 Lightsworn Meteor Common Trap Card
REMH-EN057 Black Hole Laser Rare Trap Card
REMH-EN058 Disharmony Common Trap Card
REMH-EN059 Greedy Collector Common Trap Card
REMH-EN060 Insanity Mind Common Trap Card
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