Rhydderch Hael, Forgeborn Blade
Japan-flag Translated Rhydderch Hael, Sword Born of the Forge
Type(s) [ Warrior/Ritual/Effect ]
Level 8 Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2Level2
ATK / DEF 2800 / 2800
You can Tribute Summon or Tribute Set this card OR you can Ritual Summon this card with any "Forgecraft" Ritual Spell or Trap Card. You can Tribute Summon this card in face-up Attack Position by Tributing 1 Ritual Monster, or by Tributing any number of EARTH monsters. When this monster is Tribute Summoned: You can target a number of cards up to the number of EARTH monsters you Tributed to Tribute Summon this monster; send those targets to the Graveyard. When this monster is Ritual Summoned: Negate the effects of all other face-up monsters on the field, and detach all Xyz Materials from all Xyz Monsters on the field.


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