This new booster pack boasts support for two of the strongest types, the Dinosaurs and especially the Dragons. There is also one additional win condition in Celestial Covergence, benefiting all players that want to play with an increase life points deck.

Rights of the Dragon
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
RiD-001 Avatar of Will Secret Rare Effect Monster
RiD-002 Quartz Dragon Common Normal Monster
RiD-003 Thousand-Eyed Shield Dragon Common Fusion Monster
RiD-004 Topaz Dragon Common Effect Monster
RiD-005 Riversurge Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RiD-006 Dragon Keeper Common Effect Monster
RiD-007 Des Sinister Serpent Super Rare Effect Monster
RiD-008 Double Dragon Common Effect Monster
RiD-009 Adaption Drake Common Effect Monster
RiD-010 VelociRex Common Effect Monster
RiD-011 Pterosaur Common Effect Monster
RiD-012 Prototype Jinzo Super Rare Gemini Monster
RiD-013 Wayward Whelp Shepherd Common Union Monster
RiD-014 Wright Drake Common Ritual Monster
RiD-015 Silver Hope Dragon Common Effect Monster
RiD-016 Fierce Strike Dragon Common Effect Monster
RiD-017 Fanged Dragon Common Effect Monster
RiD-018 Skullsaurus Rare Effect Monster
RiD-019 Steel Plate Ankylosaurus Common Gemini Monster
RiD-020 Ghost T-Rex Super Rare Ritual Monster
RiD-021 Fossil Remnants Common Effect Monster
RiD-022 Psycho Hand Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RiD-023 Supreme Elemental Lord ● Cataclysm Rare Effect Monster
RiD-024 Lightning Spark Super Rare Normal Spell
RiD-025 Ancient DNA Rare Normal Spell
RiD-026 Chaos Command Force Rare Continuous Spell
RiD-027 Lute of Dragons Super Rare Equip Spell
RiD-028 Rights of the Dragon (card) Common Ritual Spell
RiD-029 Eberr Crystal Orb Common Continuous Spell
RiD-030 Jurassic Glory Common Ritual Spell
RiD-031 Fixed Dice Common Quick-play Spell
RiD-032 Thrown Dice Common Equip Spell
RiD-033 Snake Eyes Common Normal Spell
RiD-034 Celestial Covergence Ultra Rare Continuous Spell
RiD-035 Caustic Ruin Common Normal Trap
RiD-036 Temple of Kohryu Ultra Rare Field Spell
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