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Ritual Diviners (called Deck Build Pack - Ritual Diviners - in Japanese) is a Booster Pack. It is XBrain130's 1st one (17th set overall), followed by Soul Protectors.


  • Focuses on Ritual archetypes from the ARC-V era.
  • Includes cards used by Yushu and Rydia.
  • Includes members/support for the "Nekroz", "Odd-Eyes", "Ritual Dragon", and "Supreme King" archeypes.
  • Introduces the "Dancing Djinn", "Devilish Dance", and "Noble Maverick" archetypes.


The set contains 45 cards, including:


Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
RIDI-EN000 Odd-Eyes Glow Dragon 覇王青竜オッドアイズ・グロー・ドラゴン Secret Rare Effect Ritual Pendulum Monster
RIDI-EN001 Duke "Twinwield" Dixon the Noble Maverick 天使銃法執行ツインウィールド Effect Monster
RIDI-EN002 Bill "Spreadshot" McLowery the Noble Maverick 天使銃法執行スプレッドショット Effect Monster
RIDI-EN003 Jessie "18-Shot" Reed the Noble Maverick 天使銃法執行エイティーンショット Effect Monster
RIDI-EN004 Clive "Rat-a-tat" Johnson the Noble Maverick 天使銃法執行ラット・ア・タット Effect Monster
RIDI-EN005 Night Glow Ritual Dragon ナイト・グロー・リチューアル・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN006 Sheriff Virgil Blitz the Noble Maverick Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN007 Miss Rita Lockeye the Noble Maverick Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN008 Night Sky Ritual 夜空の儀式 Ritual Spell
RIDI-EN009 Seraphic Arming - Angel Blaster 天使銃エンジェル・ブラスター Ritual Spell
RIDI-EN010 Seraphic Arming - Sacrifice Shot 天使銃サクリファイス・ショット Ritual Spell
RIDI-EN011 Seraphic Skill - Ricochet Attack 天使熟練リコシェ・アタック Normal Spell
RIDI-EN012 Noble Wanderer ノーブル・ウォンダラー Quick-Play Spell
RIDI-EN013 Odd-Eyes Ritualgate オッドアイズ・リチューアルゲート Quick-Play Spell
RIDI-EN014 Seraphic Skill - Disarming 天使熟練ディサーミング Normal Trap
RIDI-EN015 Noble Showdown ノーブル・ショーダウン Normal Trap
RIDI-EN016 Dancing Djinn - Kareena the Mirage Effect Monster
RIDI-EN017 Dancing Djinn - Rahima the Lurking Snake Effect Monster
RIDI-EN018 Dancing Djinn - Nehal the Golden Sand Effect Monster
RIDI-EN019 Dancing Djinn - Tanisha the Scorpion Effect Monster
RIDI-EN020 Dancing Djinn - Yasmin the Traveler Effect Monster
RIDI-EN021 Dancing Djinn - Joelle the Returned Effect Monster
RIDI-EN022 Dancing Djinn - Badoura the Midday Heat 踊る魔人-昼熱のブドゥーラ Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN023 Dancing Djinn - Morgiana the Rising Dawn Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN024 Dancing Djinn - Zummurud the Sandstorm Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN025 Dancing Djinn - Scheherazade the Immortal Sun Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN026 Devilish Dance - Shifting Sands Continuous Spell
RIDI-EN027 Devilish Dance - Prayer to the Day Continuous Spell
RIDI-EN028 Devilish Dance - Blazing Light Continuous Spell
RIDI-EN029 Devilish Dance - Lure of the Oasis 魔人舞-オアシスの誘い Continuous Trap
RIDI-EN030 Devilish Dance - Hunters of Venom Continuous Trap
RIDI-EN031 Medium of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN032 Iroha, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN033 Mirrorsmith of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN034 Aloein, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN035 Alatang, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN036 Lanita, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN037 Nirung, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN038 Rarunda, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN039 Rednow, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN040 Ronika, Strategist of the Nekroz Effect Monster
RIDI-EN041 Nekroz of Ragin レイジオンの影霊衣 Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN042 Zefragottoms, Nekroz of Sword Deity 剣神の影霊衣-セフィラガトムズ Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN043 Zefratitano, Nekroz of Flame Giant 炎巨人の影霊衣-セフィラタイタン Effect Ritual Monster
RIDI-EN044 Nekroz Corridomirror 影霊衣の回廊 Ritual Spell