Road Chaser is a Booster Pack.



These are cards that were inspired by cards that already exist in the Yugioh trading card game. This includes additions to existing Archetypes, evolved versions of the six Attribute searchers, and embodiments of the six Attribute-boosting Field Spells. I also gave my versions of the eighth through twelfth Monarchs. This has become rather dated by the fact that the OCG has a second DARK Monarch in print (and maybe a second one of all the other Attributes, for all I know), but I had fun with it anyway. (Note: my sequel EARTH Monarch is not in this booster pack; it's Cambia the Wood Monarch.) Finally, I included some Speed Spells. The main motivation at first was to invent some Equip Speed Spells as a nod to Power Tool Dragon. Things just went on from there.

Set no. English name Japanese name Rarity Category
RDCR-EN001 Guardian Sanctuary Secret Rare Field Spell
RDCR-EN002 Morphtronic Tectoron Common Normal Monster
RDCR-EN003 Cavor the Gravity Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
RDCR-EN004 Colossal Rat Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN005 Dark Storm Archfiend Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN006 Father Grizzly Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN007 Flying Kamakiri 3 Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN008 Frog Prince Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN009 Gaia, Soul of the Earth Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN010 Gladiator Beast Colossus Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN011 Luna the Tide Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
RDCR-EN012 Mach Falcon Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN013 Magna Hooloovoo Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN014 Marianas Dolphin Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN015 Mystic Fungus Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN016 Shining Archangel Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN016 Sonora the Voice Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
RDCR-EN017 Therodimus the Atomic Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
RDCR-EN018 Turtle UFO Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN019 Wrath of the Firebird Common Effect Monster
RDCR-EN017 Wall Shadow 2 Common Fusion Monster
RDCR-EN018 Adamant Claw Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN019 Jokers Wild Common Normal Spell
RDCR-EN020 Parasitic Proliferation Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN021 Seal of the Storm Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN022 Speed Spell - Aeolian Altar Common Ritual Spell
RDCR-EN023 Speed Spell - Ancestral Bell Common Ritual Spell
RDCR-EN024 Speed Spell - Construct Fusion Common normal Spell
RDCR-EN025 Speed Spell - Defensive Driver Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN026 Speed Spell - Junkyard Fusion Common normal Spell
RDCR-EN027 Speed Spell - Natural Mantra Common Ritual Spell
RDCR-EN028 Speed Spell - Nitro Tank Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN029 Speed Spell - Power Cyclone Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN030 Speed Spell - Sideswipe Common Quick-Play Spell
RDCR-EN031 Speed Spell - Tuner Charge Common Continuous Spell
RDCR-EN032 Talwar Common Equip Spell
RDCR-EN033 Close Combat Common Continuous Trap
RDCR-EN034 Evasive Braking Common Continuous Trap
RDCR-EN035 Shut Your Trap Hole! Common Counter Trap
RDCR-EN036 Speed Trap Common Counter Trap
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