"Robotic HERO" is a "HERO" subseries of DARK Machine monsters created by Taylor Gorrell that act as a Tandem Archetype to the "Destiny HERO", similar to "Evil HERO" with "Elemental HERO".

Play Style

"Robotic HEROes" are divided into two groups: Union monsters and Fusion Monsters. All Main Deck "Robotic HERO" monsters are Union monsters that allow them to be equipped to any monster to give them extra effects. However, they are mainly made for the Destiny HEROes, having effects that Special Summon themselves if you control a specific "Destiny HERO" monster, all of which share the effect of preventing the equipped monster from being tributed the turn it is equipped. The Robotic HERO Fusion Monsters are Summoned by Tributing a specific "Destiny HERO" monster that is equipped with the appropriate "Robotic HERO" monster. "Robotic HERO" Fusion Monster possesses the same effect granted by the Union monster, as well as an upgraded version of the "Destiny HERO" monster's effect.


Requirements Fusion Monster
Robotic HERO HERO Monster
Robotic HERO - Chroma Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude Robotic HERO - Diamond Armor
Robotic HERO - Eraser Destiny HERO - Double Dude Robotic HERO - Dual Eraser
Robotic HERO - Grandeur Destiny HERO - Captian Tenacity Robotic HERO - Grand Tenacity
Robotic HERO - Maxima Destiny HERO - Dread Master Robotic HERO - Maximum Dread
Robotic HERO - Sentinel Destiny HERO - Doom Lord Robotic HERO - Doom Sentry
Robotic HERO - Sharpshot Destiny HERO - Fear Monger Robotic HERO - Feared Gunner
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