Name Rosa Izinski
Age 14 (debut)
Gender Female
Relatives Akiza Izinski (sister)
Hideo Izinski (father)
Setsuko Izinski (mother)
Deck Sabakujo/Mystisand
Appearances Unnamed future Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V fanfiction

Rosa Izinski is a character in a future ARC-V fanfiction.  The adoptive daughter of the Izinski family, she and her sister Akiza attempt to bridge gaps between the Tops and Commons of the Synchro Dimension.


Rosa is a girl of average height, having peach skin, pinkish-red eyes, and long hair arranged in a complex fashion: Very pale green hair on top done in two round braids draping down the back of her head, pale brown hair done in four puffs in the back (closer to her head than her braids) with one thin braid on the left side of her head coming down in front of her chest.  She wears dark yellow-rimmed glasses, a few gold rings around her neck, and a red rose in her hair.  Rosa's typical outfit is a school uniform from her academy, being cream-colored with a large red stripe down the front, a burgundy skirt and collar, and a pink tie.


Rosa is a kind and polite girl, though one not afraid to stand up for herself or others.  By contrast to most Synchro Dimension residents, Rosa has no prejudice toward the Commons and will help them just as quickly as she would any Tops resident.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, vocally criticizing the divide between Tops and Commons and advocating for greater cooperation outside of the Friendship Cup, which she openly calls “stupid”.  Despite this, however, Rosa is still naïve to how the world actually works and doesn’t always know when what she’s doing isn’t working.


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Rosa plays a Sabakujo" Deck, wearing the opponent down with Continuous Effects that require her to discard cards to maintain.  Her preferred discard targets are “Mystisand” monsters, which gain most of their power from the Graveyard and can return to her hand when needed.

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