Archetype Information
Name Roselianne
Kanji ロセリアン
Phonetic Roserian
Appears In Yugioh DQ

One of the Synchro Monsters, Roselianne Daisy.

Roselianne monsters are a new archetype consisting predominantly of Plant-Type monsters and various support cards. The cards draw an obvious naming influence from the Reptilianne series, and are largely feminine in design. Some of the cards' artwork is done by Jadenkaiba. These cards are also featured in the Yugioh DQ Manga, where they are used by Floresca Floredalle.

Playing Style

Roselianne monsters focus on placing "Seed Counters" on the field and Special Summoning "Seed Tokens", which can be used to gain ATK, DEF, or Life Points, as well as serve as fuel for the Tribute Summon or Synchro Summon of Plant-Type monsters. With Roselianne Tulip, the player is able to gain 500 Life Points during each of their Standby Phases for each "Seed Counter" on the Field, while cards like Roselianne Flora prevent the opponent from Special Summoning non-Plant-Type monsters. The archetype also features additional support, such as Sun Flower Dragon, which uses "Seed Counters" to its advantage. The ATK and DEF range of the Roselianne series is fairly balanced for Plant-Types.

Roselianne Deck

A well-built Roselianne Deck can include all sorts of useful combinations with existing cards, like Gigaplant, Lonefire Blossom, Pollinosis, and The World Tree.


Since Roselianne monsters depend very much upon "Seed Counters" and "Seed Tokens", cards like Token Feastevil and Counter Cleaner can deal some heavy damage to a Roselianne Deck.

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